Thursday, April 3, 2008

Amanda and Kelly...I hate you!

Just kidding! But seriously, I had a massive headache the past few days. Right now it's feeling a little better. Shall I dare call it a migraine? It sure felt like one and I had to leave work because of it today. It feels a little better now. So why did I reference Amanda and Kelly? Well, Amanda is a migraine sufferer. I feel really bad for anyone who has to have one and this poor dear gets them quite often and they seem much more severe than the one I had. Amanda had said hers gets worse when it's her time of the month. Hmmmmm...that's weird. Getting a headache with hormonal changes. Then Kelly had mentioned that she had a funk headache when it was her time of the month. Again, weird. It's not weird and it's VERY plausible...getting a headache when your hormones change. I just wanted to throw in that word:-)Anyway, I've had some spotting today which indicates it's almost that time. I going to be one of those that gets headaches associated with TOM? Let's hope this was a fluke thing and it's just coincidence. I can't handle this each month. And let's hope this thing is gone!

I ate badly today. I had a burger with swiss, bacon, jalapenos, and mayo. GASP. And I had fries. Kelly once (or twice) said that when she's not feeling well, she wants to eat burgers or bagels or things that aren't so good. Not that she DOES eat those things, but that's what she craves. Well that's what I did. I had an awful headache and I just felt I needed something greasy. And strangely, my headache has gotten better. I hadn't been eating a lot these past few days so maybe that was my body's way of telling me it needed more calories (although I doubt that).

One more thing. I had a protein shake on Monday and I got a headache and felt like I wanted to pass out. It *seems* like this happened the last time I had one, but I am not 100%. As it was happening I was thinking "This seems familiar. Has this happened before?" The next time I will definitely know. Anyway, has this happened to anyone? Has anyone gotten sick like that from protein powder? The Soy kind I've been using was like 29 g of protein. This Whey protein is like 52g. Could that much protein at once make me ill?


Kelly O said...

Sherry, ok first on the hormone thing, I am beginning to realize more and more how serious it is; how a state of hormonal balance is key. I also just ordered from her books on Hormonal Timing, I will keep you posted on the results. My EVERYTHING changes based on the time of my period. The week before (which was this week) I am usually ravenous and then the week of, I have non stop headaches.

For your headaches, I don't THINK it would be protein but either way your body could be adjusting to something new. I do know it is way better to go with WHEY protein than soy.

Amanda said...

Sherry, sorry about your headaches. I have been told that my migraines are due to hormonal changes. I usually get migraines the week before my period and the week of my period. Before I had Bella I had migraines but not near as bad, about six months after she was born I got the worst migraine of my life. My body has not been the same since!!!! My only suggestion would be Excedrin migraine, it is a miracle drug!!! I hope your headaches get better.