Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some days I just don't know

I really don't have much to say today. Gasp. Me....not having anything to say. WHAT?????????

Okay, maybe I have a lot to say, but none of it correlates to the other.

  • I recently started a new job. Still working for the Air Force but in a new job. I'm now a Commander's Secretary and it's my job to keep the candy cup, on my desk, full. I bought them lots of chocolate and Willy Wonka candies and Starbursts. Sometimes I sit there thinking I could open a Starburst, chew it, but not swallow, then spit it out. Wouldn't hurt would it? Sure it would. So I don't. I just stare at the cup all day.
  • I bought muffin mix today. Whole wheat muffin mix. And I am about to make muffins for my husband, child, AND co-workers. Sadly, I can't have any. I guess one way to get rid of cravings is to feed it to someone else.
  • I am not a cookie/cake/muffin/ice cream kind of gal. Sure, I will eat those products, but it's a rare occasion. Seriously, I can go months without those things. But now that I CAN'T have them, I want them even more.
  • I am starving right now but I think blogging is more important. Well, that may not be so. I am just too tired to get up.
  • I had a VERY busy day. And there's still more I have to do. I ended up working late, which through off my gym time. I did 1/4 of my workout, got the baby, went to the store upon Clint's request, checked the mail, took Clint his Sunflower seeds, came home, unloaded groceries, put baby down, somewhat cleaned back yard. That's my day so far.
  • Now I have to cook my meal and Clint's (mine is Turkey Italian Sausage, his is porkchops), take a bath, make up the workout I didn't get to finish, do 12 minutes of cardio I didn't get to do, AND do at least 45 mins of EXTRA cardio.
  • I was 133.8 on Monday. I was told to get to the 120's by next week. NEXT week? What day? Are we talking Sunday? Or are we talking next Saturday?
  • I was told to do more cardio. I'm *supposed* to do three 45 min sessions each week. It's Wednesday. I've done 0. So not only do I need to do 3, but I need to do EXTRA. Do I think EXTRA is 1? No. I feel like EXTRA would be 3. So let's count this. I can do one tonight. One tomorrow after work. (Assuming I have time). One tomorrow night when I am home. Okay. That's my three. Then I can do two on Saturday. If I do one hour tomorrow night, plus 1 hour for my two sessions on Saturday, that equates to four 45 minute sessions! EXTRA sessions! Oh wait. Crap. Tomorrow night would count for the first three sessions. Okay, I am too tired to do the math. Anyway, I will recalculate later and WILL do the equivalent of SEVEN 45 minute cardio sessions between now and midnight Saturday night. Sundays are OFF, so I can't do it. I was told to take Sunday off and I am.

Okay, enough rambling. I could go on and on about nothing, but dinner needs to get cooked. GREAT. I wish a magic genie would appear with my dinner in front of me!

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Laurie said...

Playing catch up here sounds like you're up to something, and something good! You said you'd spill but you haven't - just wondering who? Are you gonna tell - enquiring minds want to know! Regardless, sounds like you're doing great and happy - that's what counts - keep it up!! And I missed you're polls - me: weight= clothes occasional scale and happy = some days yes, some no even if the weight is the same on both.