Friday, April 4, 2008

Big News Coming

Hey, Hey, Hey! Happy Friday!

I have some big news coming. BIG. I'm not prepared to reveal the news just yet but I will share some background info (go figure!)

Around President's Day I wandered into a furniture store. I picked out a red sofa and love seat

I paid $200 down for them to hold it. I was going to get it on Monday. The sales associate said they would order me a new one that was wrapped, instead of pulling the one from the floor and putting it in the back. Well, REALLY wanted to do something else instead of paying $665 on Monday for the couch. I called to ask the sales person if I could come in on the 17th (my next pay period). This was the deal breaker. If I couldn't, then my other purchase would have to wait. If I could, then I was getting it. Well, Ellie informed me that she was dreading placing the call, but she was about to call me to tell me they couldn't find my couch. They sold the one on the floor and they can't find mine in the back and the Ashley website said the set is DISCONTINUED. Oh no. I am kind of sad. I REALLY wanted a new sofa and love seat. I am partially afraid that I won't save the $$ again to get a set. At the same time, I REALLY want to make another purchase. So, I guess it worked out for the better. I can pick up my $$ whenever and I guess I will go looking for something else in May. This REALLY sucks because I REALLY liked that set. I am VERY particular when it comes to couches. Not only do they have to look right, I have to sink in it. I'm afraid I will not be able to find another set that is that inexpensive, is red, and I sink in it. Out of like 50 sets there, that's the only ONE I liked. And trust me, you don't want to go with me because I spend like an hour sitting on this one and that one. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.............

But, I made another purchase. More to come. And, in a perfect world, next week Ellie will call me to tell me she has located that set for me OR she found something comparable. So I get my cake and I get to eat it too!


Kelly O said...

Love that couch girl. And your comment about spending an hour sitting in the couch, cracks me up!!!

Laurie said...

I have a oversized red chair with big ol' ottoman and I love them! Can't wait to hear what the other purchase is

Scale Junkie said...

A friend of mine bought a set from there because it felt so comfy in the store but when she got hers, it wasn't as comfy. They told her the one in the store was "broken in" from being sat on so much. Just something to be aware of.

Hopefully they will call around to other stores and find one and have it shipped to you.