Saturday, April 12, 2008

No, I didn't die

Sorry everyone, I've had a busy week. I have been overly tired and have been coming home and taking a nap, cooking, taking a bath, then going to bed. It started off with #3 having a bad night, which kept me up, and me taking a nap the enxt evening to make up for it.

But I am back...

With avengance!

I had something REALLY great to share wiht you. It's something someone shared with me but I have forgotten what it was. UGGGGGGG.....

No, wait! Here it is!

I am starting something new, with regards to working out and eating. I'll share this with you all later:-) ANyway, as I was speaking with someone about it, we were discussing my likes and dislikes of eating. When this person told me no more carbs in the form of flour, bread, pasta, sugar, etc. I said "no problem." When I was told sugar was gone I responded with "not a problem, I am not really in to sweets anyway." let's look at this.

Things I like:
Brussels Sprouts
Celery (not a huge fan but it's okay)
Greens (Mustard, Turnips--not a fan of Collards)

And the list goes on and on. Basically the list goes on and on.

I love all fruits too. My favorites are melon (Watermelon, Cantalupoe, Honeydew), peaches, and nectarines. But I can truly live without fruit. I can not live without veggies.

As for meat, I cook fish, chicken, and turkey. I do not use beef. On occassion I may make beef fajitas or a steak, but that's a rare event.

I can live without cakes, cookies, pies, pasta, bread, and so on.

And I don't care for cheese.

Basically, I am a veggie head.

So, I was asked something along these lines:

If you are eating healthy, if you can get rid of the bad stuff like that since you really don't use the bad stuff, what IS your weakness?

This translates to this: Okay, you KNOW how to eat right, why are you still fat?

No, the question wasn't rude like that whatsoever. I just translated it in those simple terms.

Serioulsy, if you listend to what I said and you know what I eat and what I like, then I should be thin (as far as my diet is concerned).

So what IS my weakness?

Co-workers and family peer pressure to eat out or partake in work related events. Travelling approximately 3 weekends a month and eating out.

I was told that I need to speak to those around me and tell them how serious I am about reaching my goals. Did that help? NO.

Yesterday was my last day at my job. This is a bittersweet thing. Leaving there falls in to the grand scheme of things and I think it falls perfectly in to place with regards to my losing weight. Well, there was some uncertainiy as to when I was leaving. I was *pretty* sure it was the 11th, but it could've been 2 weeks later. They knew this but didn't make plans for my going away. On Wednesday I suggested the place for the next day and everyone said okay, but nothing more was said. At 11am the next day a co-worker called back to the office and asked if I knew lunch was a 11:30. Um no...we didn't correspond any farther and no one else knew. So it was called off. Yesterday was out of the question because there was another event with food taking place at the hospital. Now, I had basically told them all week long it was now or never. Once I started this program, I wasn't eating anything I couldn't eat. So yesterday they said we would do lunch Monday. I told them over and over that I WAS NOT going. My plan would start that day and I was NOT going to eat. They told me I could get a salad or something. NO NO NO> Seriously, I told THREE people how serious I was but they weren't hearing it. F**king a**holes. Do you see why I couldn't lose weight.? Of course, I DO NOT have to go and I WILL NOT. #1-It's not my fault they didn't get their shit together sooner and #2-Why do I want to pay $$ to lose weight only to turn around and throw it down the drain by going to lunch with them? Sure, I could bring my own lunch but if that's the case, why go to watch them eat????

So, there you have it. Now you know why I am overweight!

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interesting , occational over eating does not harm much