Sunday, May 11, 2008

Accountability versus Excuses

I tried to post this on my Blackberry but apparently, my Blackberry hates blogger.

I will have to give all of you the condensed version because I am getting a migraine.

I REALLY REALLY wish people would start taking accountability for his/her actions,especially with regards to dieting/working out. I am so tired of day in, day out, hearing excuses...Aunt Sue came in to town so I had to eat bad, I went to my mom's and she made me eat XX, I just had to eat this because I love it so....Those things might not seem like excuses, but let's look at the whole conversation:

I'm up 7 lbs. My Aunt Sue came in to town and I had to eat bad.
I haven't lost any weight in two weeks. It's probably water weight. I went to my mom's 12 times last week and she made me eat this and that. Must be water weight.
I can't seem to lose any weight. I don't know what the hold up is. The only thing I did wrong was go to XX restaurant because I just love that place and HAD to eat there.

Does this make sense yet?

I HATE HATE HATE when people make excuses. Wait, let me rephrase that. I hate it when people FIND excuses to fall off the diet/work out wagon. Oh, Aunt Sue's coming in to town, guess I have to cheat. I'm going to my mom's, guess I have to eat what she made. Oh, you want to go to XX restaurant, I guess I'll go, I can get back on track tomorrow.

The problem is, that with some people, this is an ongoing trend. It's not a slip up every now and again, it's constant, on excuse after the next.

Let me share a slip up with you. A few weeks back I was out of town and my husband told me my food had ruined. I HAD to eat something else. In that situation, there was nothing else to do. I was set to leave, didn't have time to go 32 miles (there and back) then cook, then hit the road. Now, here's where the catch comes in. That particular day, I could've had made MUCH better choices. Instead of the burrito for breakfast, I could've just had the egg. Instead of the burger or whatever I had for lunch, I could've just had the meat. So initially, I DID have a valid reason to eat what was off the plan. But I took advantage of the situation to eat even worse.

Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you don't do it, but you know others that do.

But there are worse scenarios than that. What about those times when you don't even need a true, legit reason. Oh, it's Billy's birthday, I guess I will have just a little piece of cake. Then it turns into a feast---oh darn, I ate the cake, I guess I should have ice cream too. I will get on track tomorrow. Oh, I guess I can have a hot dog or two since I already ate badly.


Then, you wonder WHY you're not losing weight. WHY you're not seeing those muscles. It *could* be water weight, but for Pete's sake, let's face that fact that it *might* be because you ate like 10,000 calories that day.

I just wonder when others are going to catch on and stop making excuses and accept responsibility? Here's what I concluded:

They don't want to lose weight THAT badly if they're not REALLY working at it. Because if you REALLY want to, you will do whatever's necessary to do it.

Working out is hard. Losing weight is hard. But you will make sacrifices to get to where you need to be.

Before I continue, let me say two things:
#1-I'm NOT perfect. Not too long ago I was licking cheese off of Cheeze-Its and chewing up then spitting out candy. And yes, this was not long at all.
#2-There are some situations that come up where we don't have control of the situation. I understand that. I'm just criticizing the situations that we CAN control.

Okay, moving on. This weekend, I watched my family eat Sammies and chips at Quiznos. Today I watched them eat pizza and dessert pizza at Double Dave's Pizza. I ate salad. Yes, I had a piece of turkey and chicken from the girls sandwich, but that was still within my plan. It was hard watching this and smelling the food. I LOVE Quiznos and there's not one in my town, so this was a treat. But I sucked it up and I didn't indulge. I had a million excuses: It's Mother's Day, I can get on track tomorrow, I'm out of town, No One will know, I deserve this. etc. BUT I DIDN'T. Why not? Because I want to be thin. I want to look good. What damn good is that pizza going to do me? It's not. Does food being happiness? In reality, it doesn't. I would've A-felt like crap for having such heavy food and B-felt like crap for cheating. It WASN'T WORTH IT.

I DID have a slip up. I had about 1 tbsp of Goober's PB and J. But there's no excuses attached. No one MADE me do it. I didn't do it for a special occassion. I didn't do it because oh, I love it so and I just HAD to have some. I didn't do it because I had nothing else. I just DID it. And guess what. If I gain weight, it's going to be from that, not from water weight. Look, I took accountability for my actions. YES, I cheated. Now I need to correct it: NO MORE SLIP UPS. I won't get where I need to be if I keep doing that.

Am I going to have to eat green beans and chicken forever? No. This is just a temporary thing...sort of. The plan I am following is VERY similar to The my opinion. Same principles anyway. I LOVE the Zone and it makes sense. Would I mind eating this way forever? Nah. But do I think I will never have pizza ever again? Will I never taste a potato? I doubt it. I'm sure I will...but in moderation on occasion. But can I have it now? No. Not now. Does it suck? Sometimes. But it's not the food itself that gets to me. It's the fact that I CAN'T have it. It's like telling a kid they can't do something. That makes it 10 times more desirable. Anyway, right now, I have to make sacrifices to get to where I want to be. Do you think Stacey or Tina got on that stage by eating Dark Chocolate M and M's daily? NO. They made sacrifices in order to get there.

Not all of us want to hit the stage. I get that. But come on, you DO have to give up things in order to get where you want to be.

My friend Tiffany said she has a sweet tooth and CAN'T live without sweet stuff. I forgot what she's eating to curb that...yogurt maybe. Sorry Tiffany, I do pay attention. My friend Brett said he CAN NOT live without milk---and he drinks like 3 gallons a week--of the FULL fat stuff. The thing is, if something is THAT important to you, you WILL give up those things for that cause. But you HAVE to want it....REALLY WANT IT.

***Side note...Tiffany has lost like 30/40 lbs in the past few months. What did she do? She cut out a lot of bad stuff, started eating healthier, and started walking everyday. And she was doing it on the highest incline everyday. She's doing GREAT.

I'm just rambling. The point is, that these people that are filled with excuses, don't REALLY want to lose the weight. In the back of their mind, they may think they do, but actions speak A LOT louder than words. Look at your life. Have you cheated lately? Was it for a valid reason? Could you have made better choices? If cheating is a trend for you and you're constantly making excuses, you're showing others just how committed you are to losing weight.

Okay, enough of this. Here's the point:
~I'm sick of excuses. Take responsibility. Stop blaming everything on water weight. Stop saying you HAD to eat that. You didn't HAVE to eat at McDonalds. You could've had Subway.
~If you're faced with a bad situation, try to make the best choices. The best option is to pack your own food (which I DID do this weekend!!!) or eat the best possible thing you can find.
~Be an example for others. Don't just say "I want to lose weight, I want to lose weight." You have to walk the walk too!

Good night everyone! Happy Mother's Day.

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