Tuesday, May 20, 2008


A friend asked me if my post was in reference to my husbands ex wife or my ex husbands wife. Hmmmmm...that depends...are they spying on me?

Let me say a few things about them both:

Husbands ex wife. She is NO supermodel. And neither am I. And neither is anyone else that I know. I am an administrative assistant. She is a nurse. You're probably in some other profession other than modelling. My "She's no supermodel" wasn't exactly an insult. She really isn't a supermodel. She's a nurse. As far as her looks go, she's an average person. Average. She's not ugly. She's not take your breath away gorgeous. She's normal. That's it. I am certain that some people think she's less than average and I am sure some people think she's way above average. To me, she's normal!

Was I insulting her by saying she talked fast and was hard to understand sometimes? Nope. That's not an insult. She does talk fast. Sometimes it IS hard to understand. But guess what. Sometimes I can't understand my boss or my husband or #2 when she's on the phone. I couldn't understand this kid from Wisconsin today. I can't understand some things Mackenzie says.

I think that Clint's ex wife is a great person. She may not have been the best choice for him to marry, but I'm sure she feels the same way about him. I personally am thankful that I am not married to her, but then again, I am thankful that I am not married to any woman. In all seriousness, I think we have a strange relationship. For some strange reason, I am able to get on the phone with her and talk to her for hours. Seriously. We can just talk and talk and talk about any topic at all. Now that's weird. Should I be this "close" to my husbands ex wife? I don't know? I've never had to deal with it before. I certainly don't dislike her. Would it be a stretch to say that I like her? It wouldn't be a stretch, but it would be odd to say. Am I supposed to like her? Or should I dislike her just because of who she is? I dislike her as my husbands ex, but as a person, I do like her.

Now, as for the ex husbands wife. She really is LESS of a supermodel. She's only about 5'3, and my husbands ex is like 5'10...so do you see that she would be less of a supermodel? Most supermodels aren't tall at all! Okay, to be serious. She too is average. She's not drop dead gorgeous nor is she ugly as sin. She's just normal. Clearly my ex husnabd thinks she's beautiful. And that's what counts right?

As for the sock in the mouth....I have very little communication with her. She answers the phone and then hands it to the girls. That's it. We don't talk. If I have to talk to anyone, I talk to my ex and that's a very short conversation.

So what's the purpose of this post? Well, for starters, I'm making another example. Isn't it easy to misconstrue things? My good friend thought my comment that "She's no supermodel" meant the chick was ugly or something like that. Nope. I meant it literally as in her profession isn't that. It's VERY easy to misinterpret things. I was talking about looks not professions wasn't I? But I deliberately wrote a few things in the last post for a reason. Sometimes things do get taken out of context. A few weeks ago I said that I had been with Tony for a month. Well, for those that know about Tony, you know what it means. But to the lay person, they might think that Tony was a new man in my life and we had been together for a month. (I actually had someone ask who Tony was because they thought I was married)

Why am I sharing all of this newfound insite? Recently, I have read blogs where readers have had to defend their posts. Some people read things a certain way while others read it differently. I just wanted to prove that it does happen. I had no one to prove it to. Just wanted in on the topic. I find authors having to go back and defend their posts because things were taken the wrong way. It's nuts!

Also, one blogger had some people reading her blog and she wasn't aware of it. She mentioned them in her blog. Should she have to censor what she writes because of that? So what if you don't KNOW who's reading your blog. You never know who is. But she have to hide her feelings just in case they're reading?

Now, on to my second point, that correlates with the the other. If either of the two mentioned people WERE reading my blogs, they would be doing so because they looked me up on the internet. I never, NEVER once told either of them that I had a blog. The only time I told anyone that I had a blog was when I posted it on my myspace. However, neither of them has access to my myspace. It's plausible that someone viewed my myspace and told them I had a blog. But in that case, someone was gossiping and they partook in it. Why are you discussing me? I do not care that they are reading my blog. I don't care who reads it. It's public. Go google my name and you will find this blog. What WOULD bother me though is that if they WERE reading it, how did they come across it? Because you were gossiping about me or because you looked me up on the internet. Also, WHY would you want to check up on me? Are you searching for information? Are you waiting for me to reveal that I won the lottery so that you can get more child support? Are you wanting me to say that I bought my daughters an alligator so that you can report it to my ex husband so he can throw a fit? Are you waiting for me to say that Mackenzie is Clint's favorite so you can tell your child that her dad doesn't like her? What could you possibly want besides finding friviolous information? Do you just want to know what's going on in my world like everyone else. I highly doubt it. And....Trust me, if it's something that I don't want you to hear, I won't post it here. I don't care if you're reading it or not. If I think there's a chance that it would get back to you, I wouldn't dare post it. But that's not just directed to the ex or the ex's current, it's for everyone. If I don't want it to get out, I'm definitely not going to post it here. I mean, come on, I am NOT going to post certain things like my financial situation, certain details of my job, detailed information about my children, etc. You may get tidbits. Ex: I might say that I bought an Elliptical and you might think I won the lottery....but it may turn out that I am just as freaking broke as I was yesterday but my mother bought it for me because she wanted to make up for certain events that she missed out on. I might leave out those details because it's kind of private. I might tell you that it was #1's birthday or that my step-daughter was sick, but I'm not going to tell you all about their lives. The people that are close to me know what's going on in my life. But I'm not going to post intimate details on this blog. So, if you are the ex wife or the current wife, you're not going to find anything of interest to you. You may think that you found something of value to you, but I guarantee you, it's really of no use.

Now....a third point.....And this correlates to stalkers, spyers, and anonymous readers. What if the people I mentioned are reading my blog? What if I wrote something nasty about both of them everyday? I'm sure that would make them irate. But do you think they would say anything to me? Do you think I would get a phone call or e-mail asking me to stop talking about them? Nope. Why not? Because they don't want me to know that they're checking up on me. It's like people that leave nasty comments. 99% of the time they're cowards that post those things as an anonymous person. Why? Because they're too scared to face confrontation. If you know who they are, then you may something. Or everyone will see just how ugly this person really is. So they try to hide. I don't think that the ex wife or the ex's wife is afraid of confrontation, I just think that don't want me to know that they are in essence, spying on me.

I will say this: I already know if they are/are not reading this blog. I KNOW. Perhaps I wrote this to taunt them or perhaps it's just part of the lesson. Maybe I just used them as an example because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Why did I mention Jimi Hendrix? Or maybe I did this to basically call them out to say HEY, I KNOW YOU ARE READING MY BLOG.

Either way, the topic is now dead. If they want to read my blog, go for it. I just explained that nothing said about them was written in a negative or malicious way. It was to prove a point and the point was that people can misconstrue things and sometimes things aren't as they seem. Some people don't know what's true or not. What you may think you know, may not be that at all. Keep reading my blogs. That's fine. It's open to the public. Whether you're an ex husbands wife, a husbands ex wife, and ex boyfriends wife or whomever, keep reading. I am thrilled that you think my life is that great that you want to keep on reading. Just remember, aside from the few posts that go astray (that's the little happenings along the way), this blog is about my journey to lose weight. It's about me working my booty off nearly everyday. It's about me eating the same boring things everyday. It's about sharing motivation with others. However, it is NOT a place for you to gather information. Why not? Because it's just not there. Read my blogs. Get upset. If it really bothers you, confront me. If you don't have the spine to do it, then stop reading if you don't like the message! And if you really want to know something, just ask. It's a lot less time consuming than having to search this thing over for information.

The end.

Oh, and for those of you that are REALLY close to me....shoot me an e-mail and I will explain the riddle to you. I will tell you about what's actually going on! This might not have a darn thing to do with the ex wife or the ex's wife.

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