Monday, May 26, 2008

Mio Heart Rate Monitor with Calorie Function

Does anyone have one of these? I purchased one at the beginning of April. When I test my HR on it, then test it with the equipment at the gym, it's dead on. Anyway, I had the box laying by the front door and my husband moved it. I can't find it and the Mio website is under maintenance. So what is it that I need? I need to know how to tell how many calories I am burning. It had a function to tell you how many calories are burned, and you can input your calories after each meal and it tells you if you're getting close. When I first got it, I just got the time set. Now I need to know how to work the rest of it but I can't find the directions. HELP.

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Anonymous said...

I don't have any experience with heart rate monitors, but I looked it up and there's an e-mail address if that helps at all. Here it is:

Hope that helps if no one else has any answers for you.

HUSBANDS! I swear, mine is ALWAYS moving stuff on me too and then NOT remembering a thing about it! Uggh!