Monday, May 19, 2008

Greetings and salutations

Happy Monday!

I hate Mondays. Especially after they follow icky weekends. Clint and I went 3 hrs away to see his daughter this weekend. The poor thing got sick Sunday morning. Although she only threw up twice, she must've gotten worse when she went home as her mom took her to the hospital. They're not sure if she ate something bad or just had a tummy bug. It's no fun when kids are sick. Crossing fingers that none of us catch it here.

Workouts have been nonexistent since Friday. Saturday, in spite of setting my alarm for 5, I didn't get up to workout. I didn't even get in cardio. Then last night I was set to workout, and I did about 10 minutes of cardio, but I didn't do anymore. I began to pick things up because Clint's dad came in to town. Then today I didn't go to the gym because I had to go somewhere on my lunch hour and then Clint's dad is here (already mentioned that) so I came straight home after work so we could spend time with him.

Sounds like a load of excuses. Although they're "acceptable" excuses, they're still that. I COULD have gotten up early on Saturday. I COULD have done cardio while I was at my in-laws home. I COULD have went to the gym today. And I CAN workout here at home tonight. Granted, the heaviest weight I have is 15 lbs and I could really use heavier weights. But I CAN workout.

On an off topic here. Do you ever wonder who reads your blogs? If you know you have a certain readership, should you say things to address them? Ex: "Oh, Kelly O is the most kick booty chick! Her arms are to die for. I wish I had her stamina to work out like she does" What if you KNOW that someone reads your blog but maybe they're reading in secret. Should you say something then? Ex: "Oh Clint is the greatest guy I know. I am so thankful that we're together and I am certain he feels the same. He's so supportive of my workouts and I love him for that" But what if you're not exactly best friends with the readers? Should you or would you say things just to taunt them? Ex: "Clint's ex wife Leasha is a tall thin girl. Some people would love to be thin, but I think that pencil legs are out and muscles are in. And my husband personally thinks that tall girls are ridiculous. Surely she doesn't think she's hot." OR.....what if nosey people are reading your blogs just to report your life back to others. Would you put something frivolous on there just to see if it would get around. Example: "I haven't really been losing weight. I've been lying to all of you. I'm really four month pregnant--with twins." Do any of you write things just for your readers? Just wondering.

I'm off to make dinner. Maybe there will be more to follow!


Kelly O said...

I write things sometimes for my 'readers' but its more like, well if a certain person is reading this I hope they take home this message, so usually with me its more about hoping they will learn my lessons or take to heart what I'm saying. And sometimes I get a little spicy and say what I wish I had the guts to say more boldly to someone's face....but I don't know, a lot of these people I don't think read my blog. Who knows? But I like your line of thinking....especially about douchebags that need to hear it !! LOL

Laura McIntyre said...

I honestly don't care who is reading my blog (in real life) , it is pretty personal but i do keep certain subjects out of it (such as sex as i know my family read it) . I guess i don't bitch as much as i would like as i don't want to hurt people (would love to do along bitchy post about my mil) .
I always think its your blog and do what you want with the writing although i do think that its not in best practice to slur someone who does't know that they are been written about online. Think it would be fine to say blah blah is such a bitch but not blah blah is a bitch who is pregnant again to my blah blah. Do i make any sense?