Thursday, May 1, 2008

What does it for you?

What music do you like to workout to? I listen to some STRANGE stuff. Here's a preview for you:

There's no video here..just music....

Yeah, I like to run to that song....when I really need to run..when I really need to push myself...I listen to Hurt. Falls Apart. Maybe because I feel like I am going to fall apart. Hehehehehe.

What else??

Well, I LOVE The Killers, specifically Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me. For some reason the link said embedding was disabled and I couldn't copy it to show you the video.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Hellyeah--You Wouldn't Know. Again, no video, but you can hear the song.

Lastly, for this session, we have Korn-Got The Life. You can watch a lovely Dragonball Z video to hear this song. Damn You Tube.....

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