Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Readers

I wanted to send a little message to a few of my favorite blog owners and those that read my blog. I never comment on the comments, so here goes. **This is no particular order**

Evelyne-You rock! I'm glad you got to join a gym and are loving those workouts. Yesterday this man was staring at me. He always stares as me, as does his son. Ironically, we go to the gym at the same time and do the same body parts that day. Anyway, I finally said hi and he informed my my form was wrong. Ugggg....He told me to get the Arnold Bible. I think he's just scared of a woman in his weight room. Anyway, keep on kicking butt and thanks for your encouraging remarks.

Tina-You rock too. You're gorgeous and you've come a long way. I'm sorry the comp wasn't all you had hoped for, but the next one will be even better! I better not tell my husband about the Harley pics because you will be his next pretend girlfriend as he will love you forever. He loves A-beautiful women B-Half naked beautiful women and C-Harleys!! I'm so proud of your accomplishments! And thanks so much for inspiring me!

Kelly-You know you rock. I think I tell you that on a daily basis. Remember the paper towel theory. You and I just need to get it unrolling! Of course, as much as you're kicking butt with your workouts, you will see results soon! I'm so grateful that I have you in my life to help keep me on track. Without you, I would be a cow!

Tiffany-You rock too. Yes you do! I can barely do a 5 incline on the treadmill and every time I attempt to, I think about you walking at the highest setting for months. I began this journey trying to inspire and motivate you. You're the one that is motivating! Pretty soon, you will be thinner than your SIL. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE.

Laurie-Are you still alive? I think you rock as well. I just hope you'll pop in soon.

KatieF-Are you alive too? I have some pics from when my (ex) husband went to work in Santa Clara. He went to San Francisco and took pics of seals or sea lions or whatever they are. How's the running going? I'm definitely in awe. As much as I WANT to run, I actually hate it. I thought I could get use to it, but I can't. I've taken to the elliptical, a piece of equipment I previously despised. Oh yeah, you definitely rock with these other gals.

Laura-I think you're having another girl. Just my feelings. Hope the next scan works with the baby's temperament and allows you to see that I am right and she is a girl! Also, I definitely think Mackenzie is a good name. I would love to see preggo pics on your blog! Oh, and you guessed it. I think you are awesome. Ha--you thought I was going to tell you that you rock!

That's all for now. I know I have more readers. Some of you are "secret" readers so I can't personally leave you a message.

Oh wait..one more...

Amanda-Every time I read your blog and read about migraines, I get one. I'm dead serious. Look, my head is hurting now. I wish you didn't have to deal with that. How's the new job? I can totally understand the tiredness. All I want to do is sit around and my house is suffering! But, I think that you're doing a great job and of course you rock!


Anonymous said...

Oooh!! Thanks so much! YOU ROCK TOO, WOMAN! I LOVE when people comment on comments.

Per the water chugging....when I first started the whole water drinking thing, it was really hard to get that gallon down. Now I drink that and more during the day. Most of it I drink at work. The only other thing I drink is coffee and it's mostly just one cup a day. One day you'll find yourself drinking more than a gallon and wondering how you got there!

Kelly O said...


Laura McIntyre said...

Aww yous so sweet, fwiw i think girl to although i would love a boy. Did suggest Mackenzie for either sex but of course miss fussy pants DH said NOPE.

Laurie said...

The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated :) I heard a rumor about this post, so I had to come check it out. Sorry, I've been out of touch this month has been crazy and it's about to get better (come on Mexico!) then hopefully I can catch everyone up and start checking in on everyone too. Thanks for remembering me! You rock!