Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The answers you all have been waiting for

I'm about to come across some $$ so I can get a boob job. Well I do play the lottery every once in a while

I lost 8 lbs in a month. Sure did

I'm one of Tony's clients. Yep

I love Jimi Hendrix. Yep

I think my husbands ex wife is ugly. No, she's not ugly. But she's no supermodel.

I think my ex husbands wife is ugly. She's less of a supermodel.

I think my husbands ex wife talks like she has a sock in her mouth. No, but she does talk fast and is hard to understand sometimes.

I wish my ex husbands wife would stick a sock in her mouth Nah. I don't talk to her so a sock wouldn't matter.

I wish my husbands wife had some clean socks. I do need to wash laundry.

I think really thin girls are gross. Yes. To each her own, but I don't find it attractive. And neither do most people I know.

I think really thin guys are gross. Yes

I love cycling. No

I did run in the OKC marathon. Nope

I know a guy that ran 168 miles for the 168 victims of the OKC marathon. Yes! Brendan Brustad. He's so inspiring.

I am allergic to bananas. No, just cats.

My 3 best friends names starts with a K. Yes

One person I hate has a name that starts with a K. Yes

I drink a gallon of water a day. I try to

I met Kelly O from an Atkins message group. Yep

Mrs. F was the reason I started my blog. Yep

Tina is the reason I hired Tony. Yes indeed

I think figure competitors are nuts. Nope

I think women with big weddings are nuts. YES

I think I made a cake without nuts. I sure did. And I didn't even eat any of it.

I'm glad I don't have any sons. True

I gave birth to 3 daughters. Sure did

Out of all of my readers, I've known my friend Tiffany the longest. Yes

I use to date Tiffany's brother. True

I am married to Tiffany's brother. Yes. My husbands step sister is named Tiffany

I've owned 3 Mustangs. Correct

I eat chicken and green beans almost every day. I did for a month

I love the name Blish. Absolutely. I wish I had heard it prior to naming Mackenzie.

I want another daughter. OH NO

I love being pregnant. Yeah...like a fat kid hates cake

I love nosey people who read blogs just to try to get information. Of course. NOT. Will address that in a bit.

There are five blogs that I must read everyday. False. There are about 8.

Okay, so what was the purpose of that? Well, I don't know that there was a purpose. But I will say this. I am well aware that there are some readers out there who read this to be nosey, in hopes of gaining some VERY useful information. With that in mind, I will never say anything that I don't mind the whole world knowing. Then again, every now and again, I just might throw them something interesting to see if I can get a reaction. Childish...yes...I know. But then again, spying on me is quite juvenile too. It's one thing to read a person's blog to see what they're up to...it's a totally different animal when you either A-read it in order to try to gain some information that you might find useful or B-read it in order to report my life back to others--aka--gossiping!

Anyway, happy reading! All are welcome. Even the spys!


Melissa H said...

Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement today! I'll get to that goal of Tony's eventually. :-)

Kelly O said...

I cannot stand cowardly morons that spy, post anonymously and probably are not even techno savvy enough to make a blog of their own!! LOSERS!!

Laura McIntyre said...

Sounds like you are having some blogging meets real life issues. As said before i do love reading other peoples blogs to be nosy but its never anything mean and even if i did know someone in real life and they had a blog im doubtful i was mention anything i read of it to them.

Oh i think big weddings are nuts to, i would of happily had a much smaller wedding and as it was there was only about 20 people there and that was only close friends and family . Cannot imagine spending 1000s on one day