Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've been a bad bad girl..whine

Kelly recently had a fabulous post about motivation. Basically, it doesn't arrive on your doorstep via Fed Ex. It's not something you're going to find magically sitting there like ta-da, surprise, here I am. No, it's something that you make. You just need to get up and do this or that and the motivation will happen. How many times have you heard people say "I just need to get some motivation" or "I will get around to it once I find my motivation." She was's not some magic pill or something that comes with your cup of coffee....

Now with that said...I NEED SOME MOTIVATION. Since the UPS guy didn't deliver it and it's not in this water concoction I am drinking, I guess I just need to press on without the motivation then it will follow.

I've had a SUCKY week. It's been my fault. My own damn fault. Nothing has kept me from the gym. Nothing has been wrong that has enabled me to workout. Let's recap.

Last week I suffered from this weird morning sickness episode. No, I am not pregnant and no it wasn't morning sickness. However, when I was preggo with #1 and #3, I experienced this. I would get nauseated in the evenings, for like 5 days in a row. Well that happened last week. I ate some oatmeal one night to see if it would settle my tummy. NOPE. It's not like oatmeal is a bad thing, but it's definitely NOT on the plan at nights. Over the weekend I ate 1/4 of a Ruben wrap. This was done on purpose. I didn't truly think my diet was the cause of the sickness considering I had been doing it for like 6 weeks now. But I wanted to rule everything out. Did that work? Nope. I took tagament and pepcid..nothing helped. I'm finally over it so I will never know. Now, that was my food blunders. I worked out on Friday then went out of town Sat and Sun. Since Mon was a holiday, I didn't go to the gym. Crap, that was 3 days of missing my workouts. I like to take a late lunch to go to the gym. Otherwise it's too crowded. Yesterday I went to tan and pay the cell bill at lunch. I wasn't going to the gym after work, but my husband told me there was golf ball size hail at home, so I decided to go. I cut out 15 minutes early AND I had a half ass workout. I just wasn't feeling it. Then I skipped the gym today. I went to Wal-Mart at lunch (didn't have to) and then I went home after work. Did I do anything at home? NO.

I missed a call from Tony today. He normally schedules the calls. The last time I talked to him he said he wanted to talk to me the next week. Crap....was this the next week? Or was last week the next week? Regardless, I thought he would have sent an e-mail setting up the call. No, he just called. And I missed it. And I didn't even call back. What???? I didn't call back???? That's how big of a funk I am in. I KNOW he is motivating. Granted, UPS didn't deliver him, but US Cellular did. Maybe I just didn't want to be motivated. Maybe I just want to be in a funk. Who the hell knows. All I know is that if I don't snap out of this, I WON'T reach my goals.

Since I am confessing, I have to tell you that I have slipped off the wagon in many areas. I HAVEN'T been drinking my gallon of water. Not even close. I *almost* have down a little over half a gallon. If you know me, you know I hate drinking liquids (and solids and gasses too). But I drank a gallon of water for a damn month straight...everyday...and then like that BOOM...I stopped. What the hell is wrong with me? Someone please slap me.

I won't be out of town this weekend. I will be home. Yeah! However, the next weekend we have to go run down to Abilene to get #1 and #2. It's just a day trip, so I have plenty of time to get in a workout. Who the hell am I kidding? I've yet to work out on the weekend and if I can't drink water, what makes me think I can get up and workout? Okay, moving on. Then the next weekend, we have to go my step-daughter. That's just a night trip (if I am lucky). Then the following weekend, we have to take BOTH sets of kids home. EEEEKKKKK. That's going to suck as that's going to take up a lot of time. If we do it in one day, we're exhausted. If we do it over two days, then I waste two days. Oh well. We'll see. After that, I should have at least two weekends before I have to do it all over again.

I've lost my train of thought. My goal is to be at 119 by June 14th. That gives me a little over two weeks. HAHAHAHA. I don't see that happening. BUT....the weight just fell off last time remember? And it did so in the end. But if this is going to happen, Shay needs to take over Sherry and kick her ass a little and whip some motivation in her. And this has to happen NOW. Okay, I am NOT going to work out at 11pm. But I will try to finish this water. And tomorrow I WILL workout twice. I will reward myself by tanning on Friday!


Tiff said...

*slap, slap* There you feel better? You can get back on track. Have I been walking? Noooooo. Why? I just haven't. Will I start back? Yes.

Sometimes you need a little break. Then you can go at it full blown. You'll do it. I just know you can.

Kelly O said...

GIRL I'M SLAPPING YOU AND ME BOTH!! I haven't been to the gym in over a week, although my eating has been great. Still, enough of that!! Time to create the momentum going in the RIGHT DIRECTION.
P.S, I had my gallon of water, on my 6th bottle. And I've been angry, upset, depressed and ticked off all freaking week!!