Thursday, May 8, 2008

If you have an issue with the message, don't read it

As someone had pointed out to me, this is MY blog and I can say what I want. These are MY thoughts. Not the thoughts of others. If you don't like what I want, then don't stop by. It's plain and simple. There are blogs that I like, that I read everyday. Then there are blogs that I visit once, decide I don't like, and never look back.

Filling you all in, some anonymous coward left a rude comment on the post from yesterday. This person clearly didn't like my blog, think I look like a horse, and says that I am a whiny bitch and if this person had a "really hot wife" he/she would leave her because of it. Well, I don't know what this person took away from my blog, but clearly it wasn't the intended message. If I had to say so, I would say this person is very uneducated and clearly can't read. And I am not quite sure why my husband would want to leave me over that said he texted me Happy B-Day after midnight and that was all I got from him. If a statement like that would set this person off and make him/her want to leave his/her spouse, he/she clearly needs help.

I am not defending my post, by any means. And I do not think that I, or anyone, should have to defend his/her post. I am really sorry if you read my post and don't understand it. If you don't like it, don't read it. The post from yesterday's point was that Birthdays just aren't as great as they seem. As a child, birthdays seem so very important--not just to you but to those all around you. But as we grow up, we discover that it's really not that big of a deal--not to our self or to others (at least not for me). If you didn't get that message, too damn bad.

Am I bothered by what this person said? Absolutely not. This person claimed they put anonymous down because they didn't want others to know they were reading it because they despised my blog. The truth is, that this person is scared and can't come out and reveal their true identity. Why not? Well come on, I could address them personally and point out their flaws. Others could see just how miserable this person is. But by hiding behind anonymous, they avoid confrontation. Am I really going to be bothered that a coward put me down? No way. Because I know that they are very miserable and the only highlight of they day is to make others feel bad. Hopefully one day this person will act like an adult, and will take responsibility for his/her actions and will learn that if they have something to say, say it to one's "face."

Well, Anonymous, let me give you some thoughts. Let me tell you what I think about you.

If you're female, you probably hate your life. If you're married, you're probably in a miserable marriage and your husband can't stand you but is married to you for the kids sake. If you're divorced, he left you because he can't stand you and wanted to be with someone thinner or more attractive. If you believe you're in a happy marriage, you're wrong. You're such a miserable person, your husband can't really stand you, but you're too stupid to see that. If you're single, that's because no one wants to be with you. You have a low self esteem and it makes you feel better, more empowered, to degrade others. There's a really good chance that you're overweight and are unattractive. You probably walk around thinking you're hot stuff, but deep down you know you're not. You referenced my weighing 125. I think that 125 is a number you could only dream about. Get your scale to that # and then you might be happy with yourself and in turn, others may actually like you. People that are happy with their life, doesnt dog others.

If you're male, your most likely married to a very unattractive, heavyset person. You could only wish that she was 125 lbs. You definitely have a small penis and trying to make others feel bad makes you feel like a big man with a big penis. No matter what you do, it's still small.

If you would like to leave your name next time so I can give you the full analysis on what I think of you, please do so.

There is ONE thing that bothers me about hi/her comment. And it's nothing personal to me. I feel really bad for this person. REALLY bad. It's very sad that he/she has such a horrible life and such little self esteem. Its sad that the only thing that uplifts them is degrading others. That's pathetic. I am happy with my life. I am happy with myself. I can get up each morning, look in the mirror, and rejoice because I am please with what I see. I bet this person hates facing themself. Whether their physically unattractive, or just ugly on the inside, I bet that this person hates who they are. I mean, if I couldn't stand myself, I suppose I would go to Kelly's page or Tina's page or whoever's page and rag on them for no reason. Yeah, let me bring these awesome chicks down because I will feel better that I ruined their day. Oh please. Whatever. But you know, some people are that way. The ONLY way they can feel better about their own self is to make others feel worse.

Well, in this Anonymous case, I don't think that he/she will get anything out of it. He/She may think that it bothered me because I posted two posts in response. But again, this person is ignorant and doesn't understand the message in the blog. So let me spell it out: I will not take the advice of a coward. I will not take the advice of a loser. I will not take the advice of someone that hates themself. You can say whatever you want, but I don't care. What you say DOESN'T phase me. I AM better looking than you. I have a better body than you. I have a better life than you. End of story. Move on. If you want to bring someone down, you might want to find someone that is weak. I know you will be back to my blog to see what my response was. My response to you is to stop reading my blog. You hate it. Good. Don't read it. No one is forcing you to. You think I am too whiny. THEN STOP STALKING ME. The end.

For the rest of you, seriously, if you do degrade others on a constant basis, you may want to figure out why you're so unhappy. However, most of my readers seem like pretty happy people. Thank God for them!


Kelly O said...

What a loser (anonymous that is)!!!! I am always amazed at people leaving nasty comments on blogs....if you don't agree with that person or like what you read, DON'T READ THE BLOG ANYMORE!! Hello! And yet if you choose to comment, be a man or a woman and quit hiding behind an anonymous tag.

Sherry you know that I too am personally dealing with bitter envious people. When people are angry and dissatisfied with their own lives, they get angry at the success and happiness of others so they lash out at others instead of, HELLO - working on themselves.

When you point a finger at someone else, remember you have 3 fingers pointing back at you!!!

Laura McIntyre said...

Im with Kelly he/she sounds like a loser, you don't like a blog just don't come back - surely even the
stupidest of people could understand that