Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here ya go blog stalkers

I hate it when my favorite blogs aren't updated, so I thought I would give you all an update.

I have been drinking a gallon of water a day. I should be sipping on this all day, but around 9pm, just an hour before bed, I realize I have like 1/2 of it left. So I start chugging. Sometimes I feel like I want to vomit. You would think I would learn my lesson and would drink it throughout the day but no....

Last night I got in the bath and I drank a good 60 ounces. I was feeling miserable. I can't say that I know how "bloated" feels--ya know--some people say they get bloated during TOM. The only feeling I've ever felt was a full tummy from eating to much. Well let me tell you this, I think I experienced bloating. #1-MY tummy hurt. Not my actual stomach--not the thing that holds food. Just that entire region. This was not a "um, I ate too much" feeling, it was like my intestines, liver, spleen, etc. was floating. AND #2-MY tummy was poofed out like I was 4 months preggo. I couldn't suck it in! I could exhale and blow it out and look like a 6 month preggo chick. WTH? The good news is that I did finish all of the water and got up to go to the bathroom about 4X last night and I woke up with a flat tummy.

Also, I have an obsession with water now. Sometimes I am too exhausted to finish but I know I will wake up to go to the bathroom at night, so I am determined to finish it then. Well, if I leave like 10-20 ounces in the jug, and I get up the next morning an I haven't lost weight, I am kicking myself. somehow I think those few ounces will have made a hug difference. I'm nuts!

Workouts are good. Eating is good. Heck, I'm so darn good, I made a red velvet cake and a cake with chocolate chips, caramel, and chocolate chips and I didn't have any!!! I rock. Today is my official 1 month with Tony and I talk to him tomorrow. I sure hope that lifts my spirits. So far, I've lost like 6 lbs. A little disappointed, but I can see a difference, so all is well.

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