Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming

Sorry about the blog detour for the past few posts. I had something to address and I did so and now it's time to move on!

I took half the day off and went to the gym when I got off. It was NICE! I love being there. I had some errands to run so I will finish up one one workout tonight. I also have to finish up my cardio.

As much as I love doing cardio at the gym, I am going to have to do it here at home. Why? Because I received 2 months FREE unlimited tanning and I have to take advantage of it before it expires on the 29th. I prefer to go to the gym during lunch for weights and cardio after work. But that doesn't leave tanning time. So I will go tan after work. That means there is no time for cardio. If there is any thing I can do at home, as far as weights go, then I will. I can work my abs here at home and do cardio at the gym. But my two trips to the gym must cease if I want to take advantage of this tanning package. I am entitled to 3 hours a week for gym time. I should take advantage of that so I could use the cardio equipment there. I might just ask for an extra 30 minutes at lunch 3 days a week instead. That way I can do weights and light cardio. I might have Clint take the baby to daycare once a week for me so I can go in early, but I doubt that will happen because A-I don't want to get up that early and B-with gas prices so high, making two trips to Altus is nuts. Guess cardio is at home!

My eating has been great (almost). Felt a little ick the past few days. I ate about 1/2 of mashed potatoes with gravy (rounding up here) and I felt so gross afterwards. Clearly my body doesn't like heavy foods anymore. Now that I can have a little more variety other than green beans, asparagus, and broccoli, meal time is better! It's not *so* boring. By no means am I complaining. It's helped me come this far. I'm just saying that chicken and green beans is gross!

I'm going to see if I can catch a brisk nap. Then it's cardio time!!!! My goal is to see 125 by Monday morning. Sunday *should* be my weigh in, but I will be out of town this weekend. I won't be cheating, but I sadly don't get in all of my water AND...I won't be able to weigh myself either. So, Monday, I WILL BE 125!!! That's only 2 lbs. It's do-able. I read a post by Melissa H and she was saying that Tony told her he wanted her to be X weight by X time but she was stuck. I was the same way. I stayed at 131 forever. Then one day it went to 129, then to 127 and now it's stuck there. So it appears that my weight comes off in chunks. I don't slowly go down. Nope. WOOSH. There it goes. So I will probably make it to 125. If this month follows last month, I am right on target. The last 2 weeks, I will lost the bulk of the weight. If I can lose another 8 lbs this month, I will be at 119. Shreek!!!! How exciting is that? Come on weight...fall off in big chunks...big chunks!


The Blonde Hurricane said...

Hi! Are you by chance doing Power 90? You've mentioned Tony a few times and I know you're on a new plan, so I wondered if that was Tony Horton. I read back to see if I missed something, but I don't think you ever spelled out your new plan. Or I missed it somehow! :) ~~ Jess

Anonymous said...

You WILL be 125! You WILL be!!!

Tiff said...

Damn how many dogs are you gonna get? And I only had mrs. furious' site on my computer here and I found the others from hers. I promise I didn't have yours. LOL

marthab said...

Thanks for popping your head into my blog! I'm always excited to see a new name and get new perspectives on things. Please comment again! Nice "meeting" you!