Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dear Anon

Most people leave anonymous comments because they're cowards and don't have the courage to say things "to one's face." I'm sure your "really hot wife" is far from hot and is probably a cow. Why don't you get a life, get some self esteem, and move on. Just because your life sucks, doesn't mean everyone else's does. I'm really sorry that you're such a negative person and you hate your life so badly that you have to take out your frustration on others. That's very sad. There is help for ugly people like yourself you know.

P.S. I have your isp. I know who you are. Grow up.


Tina said...

Wow, that person so doesn't get you!! I don't know if I would contribute a post to this nonsense (but that's just me)...I think I would just delete their post as you have and not give it another second of your energy. I so get what it is like to be a mom, and trying to find your identity beyond that...I also get how tough birthdays can be when you are in your 20's with little ones in tow. You were just venting those feelings, hey it's okay, it's your blog, and I hate when people use this as a place to get down on someone. I kind of think if you don't like me or what I write, then don't read it! Your doing great btw, keep going strong!!

Laura McIntyre said...

Blah i hate anon commentors, why not just say what you want to say and let them know who you are?
If i really wanted to say something not so great i would email and keep it private.