Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm 364 days from being 30

Birthdays are depressing. When you're younger, the day seems like it will NEVER get here. Then when it does it's like the greatest thing since sliced bread. But is today like that? No.

Starting Sunday, my friend Johnny sent a message on myspace telling me Happy Birthday. Then last night around 10pm, my friend Ruth sent a text. Then at midnight I got an e-card from Kelly, then shortly after I got a text from my husband. So morning rolls around. There was never another Happy Birthday from my husband. I saw him before work and talked to him a few times and saw him twice after work. NOTHING. My mom tried to call, as did my brother, then my sister texted. I got two birthday wishes on myspace and one friend said Happy Birthday in an e-mail, but she was one of the myspace wishers. My dad hasn't called, and my in-laws never call. My MIL typically sends a card, but I got nothing. My 6 year old told me Happy birthday, but the 8 year old had no idea. 1 co-worker said Happy Birthday because I had mentioned my phone was ringing because it was my birthday. Then I told my boss I wanted to skip the gym (I didn't) and go home and take a nap to celebrate my birthday. He KNEW it was my birthday, but it slipped his mind. And two other people I work with KNEW it was my birthday (or at least knew it was May 7) but I got nothing. No Happy Birthday. My boss did say he wish he would've remembered because he would've gotten me a cake. Well, #1-I can't eat it and #2-Kind of like the whole "I want to keep my secretary, but I HAVE to hire you." (Another story in itself) beloved former co-workers....the ones I just left not even a month ago and worked with for a year FORGOT. NO ONE SENT AN E-MAIL. That office actually buys people cakes for their B-Day. Well, I got there right after my birthday last year and left just before this year. I still told them I wanted a cake. I got nothing. And...I had mentioned to another friend in an e-mail that I turned 29 today and he didn't say anything......

Now, let's not hit the comment button and tell me Happy Birthday because you feel bad that I got few B-day wishes. That's not the point. I don't know that there is a point, but here is an observation--I know like 100 people, and today only mattered to like 10. It goes to show that today just isn't an important day. Its an average, regular, plain jane day. I got up, I worked, I will go to bed. Just like any other. I don't know what the big deal was when I was a child. I actually looked forward to getting older. Now I'm not so thrilled. I can remember when my youngest oldest brother was 28. He's going to be 40 this year. Man I feel old. And I'm really not.

On a different note, I was hoping to be 125 for my birthday. I didn't weigh myself because I was banned from the scale, but I assure you I wasn't there...unless I lost 3+lbs since Monday. The 13th will be my one month point. I can already say I've lost 6 lbs. We'll see what the next 6 days brings. I did cheat today. YES, I cheated on my diet. GASP. OMG...if I didn't eat cake, what did I eat? I had about 1/2 teaspoon of light Miracle Whip. I licked the spoon. GASP. The side story is that my husband wanted a sandwich. Well, I didn't want to go home, unload baby and groceries, and make sandwich, re-load baby, then take it to him. So I just grabbed the miracle whip and a spoon--the rest of the stuff was in my car! I made him a sandwich then realized there weren't any napkins to wipe the spoon on. I considered sticking it in a bag, but I didn't want to get it all over the groceries. So I licked the MW off. Shame on me! Then I read the container to see just how many carbs was in it...there's like 2 carbs per like 2TBSP. I'm safe!

I did stare at the candy container today and contemplated eating some...but I refrained! Will-power! I will never be 115 if I eat candy...and miracle whip. Hehehehehehe.

That's it for me. I'm going to finish my water---or try to choke it down. Then it's bath time, then time to cook dinner. Clint's eating cabbage, potatoes, and turkey sausage. YUM. I had a salad and turkey. I *think* I was supposed to eat fish. But I didn't feel like it. The turkey was right there. I would've had to bed over and open a drawer to get the fish. Just too lazy. So I ate the turkey. It's my birthday damn it and I will eat turkey and light miracle whip if I want to!!!!

P.S. I don't like Miracle Whip FYI


Kelly O said...

I have birthday issues too. My family annoys the crap out of me because the continually "combine" birthdays, celebrating MINE with my sister in law's and my niece's - so my birthday is April 2nd and it's not until the END OF APRIL that I got a thing...and for some reason this pisses me off too; why the heck don't people go to my freaking Amazon wish list?? I want to get a gift that I ASKED FOR, not something you think I'd like. UGH!!!

Tina said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! Guess what everyday should be your Birthday, so go out and celebrate you!!

As for that water...don't tell Tony btw...but I love Sweet Leaf liquid stevia in my water. English toffee in plain water...and in the ACV mixture clear liquid stevia...yum!! Oh and have you tried the Lava Cake? A little English Toffee in there too. I love the Lava Cake with 1 TBSP Dark Hershey chocolate and Dynamitize chocolate Whey Protein Powder, YUM!! I order from Okay these are just things you can do to make this more fun, and they have not impeded my results!! You are doing great, and don't worry about the scale, you are getting leaner and tighter day by day, all of a sudden, BAM you will look like a cover girl ;) So excited for you!!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday! HEHE I feel so special cuz you talked about ME in this post. My family has a party for all of us on our birthdays. It's no big deal but it is nice that people remember. Sorry your co-workers are asshats. We still love you down here in LA.

Tina said...

That was suppose to say Dark Hershey Cocoa powder only 5 cals per TBSP!!

Laura McIntyre said...

Sorry you had a not so great birthday, hope next year is better.

(And oh Happy Belated Birthday, not because i feel bad for you but because i want to send my wishes)