Monday, May 19, 2008

Part two...fact or fiction

Do you ever wonder if what you're reading is fact or fiction? Unless we're actually friends, you probably don't know if what I am saying is truth or a lie. And the same goes back to you--I don't know if it's real or fake. I'm not saying that everything I say isn't real and I'm not saying it is. You be the judge:

True or false:
I'm about to come across some $$ so I can get a boob job
I lost 8 lbs in a month
I'm one of Tony's clients
I love Jimi Hendrix
I think my husbands ex wife is ugly
I think my ex husbands wife is ugly
I think my husbands ex wife talks like she has a sock in her mouth
I wish my ex husbands wife would stick a sock in her mouth
I wish my husbands wife had some clean socks
I think really thin girls are gross
I think really thin guys are gross
I love cycling
I did run in the OKC marathon
I know a guy that ran 168 miles for the 168 victims of the OKC marathon
I am allergic to bananas
My 3 best friends names starts with a K
One person I hate has a name that starts with a K
I drink a gallon of water a day
I met Kelly O from an Atkins message group
Mrs. F was the reason I started my blog
Tina is the reason I hired Tony
I think figure competitors are nuts
I think women with big weddings are nuts
I think I made a cake without nuts
I'm glad I don't have any sons
I gave birth to 3 daughters
Out of all of my readers, I've known my friend Tiffany the longest
I use to date Tiffany's brother
I am married to Tiffany's brother
I've owned 3 Mustangs
I eat chicken and green beans almost every day
I love the name Blish
I want another daughter
I love being pregnant
I love nosey people who read blogs just to try to get information
There are five blogs that I must read everyday

Okay...that's enough trivia for today. Some may be true. Some may be false. Let's see how well you know me....Until tomorrow!

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Laura McIntyre said...

I love you Shay, your blog should be essential reading for putting a smile on anyones face (And im so one of those nosey people who read blogs because i feel like im reading someones diarys)