Sunday, March 2, 2008


That's what my scale told me this morning. I had it as low as 128, but whatever. I have a starting point. Just so you know, my "other" #2 dial scale has me at 124. But I wanted to be honest with myself and I want to get to a true 115 or whatever number I pick. I don't want to be 115 at home then 120+ elsewhere. I was 115 on dial scale #1 before finding out I was pregnant. I had the scale at 112 after my appendectomy. And this scale was pretty accurate. The reason I bought #2 was because I couldn't find #1. Then I bought the digital scale for more accuracy although it and #1 are pretty darn close! Back to my weight. I was 124 lbs when I was 9 weeks pregnant and this was measure on my doctors scale. I gained 40 lbs and got to 164. When I started work in February 07, scale #2 read 135. And now reads 124, so I've lost 11 lbs in a year. It's time to step this up and get to my goal weight/size, although it's TBD at this point. I am going to throw on my bikini (yikes, scary) and have Clint take pics. Then I am off to cook! I have a lot of food that is about to spoil, so I need to get in there and cook several meals. I am cooking Leek and Potato Soup and Chicken with Asparagus and Potatoes. I am certain I will end up cooking more meals. But those are the first two I am starting with!

I made the most perfect omelet for breakfast. I put in 1/2 slice of provolone cheese and I wasn't really impressed. But overall, it was good!

I will post more later about my new plan. I am committing myself to a twelve week plan. I asked Katie Feldmom a question regarding it and hopefully I will hear from her. If not, I will ask all of you. I need to stick to something. I need to focus on something and have a goal to reach. We are NOT running in the OKC Memorial Marathon. I am really bummed about it. I told all those guys to give me the $$ so we could sign up but they kept putting it off and putting it off. Now we would have to pay $5 more per person, which is no big deal. But I still only have payment from 1 person and I am tired of begging the other 3. Plus, one teammate thinks his FIL is coming to town that weekend so I said piss on it. I'm tired of trying to motivate people. None of them started training and with 2 months left, I don't think they would succeed. That's another reason I wanted to get the entry fee paid early--so they WOULD start to train because we were COMMITTED to it. But no, they couldn't get to an ATM and kept putting it off to to tomorrow X2. Oh well. I can not control others; I can only control myself.


Laurie said...

We are in just about the same spot - give or take a pound depending on where in the bathroom I place my %&** scale.

I have found you can't motivate other people who are not ready to be go there - it's best just to gravitate to the people who are already moving forward who can lift you up with them. There will be people who follow in you wake - which is always nice.

I'm responding to your email now.

KatieFeldmom said...

Oh dear. You asked me a question? I don't know where it was, but I don't remember seeing it. Can you refresh my memory?