Sunday, March 9, 2008

No need for excuses now!

I hopped on the scale first thing this morning. It read: 131.2. I was pissed. I thought I hadn't lost any weight this week. On a plus side, I hadn't gained, but I definitely hadn't lost any. I shrugged it off and giggled to myself after thinking "Well, I have this sinus funk going on. All that excess snot that's taking refuge in my nasal cavity must be causing the weight gain. Hehehehehehehe." Then I got on here, looked at my blogs and realized I had lost 1 lb. WOO-HOO. I lost one lb exactly. Last week I was 132.2, not 131.2. After all the odds being stacked up against me: TOM, not drinking water, having two free days, I still managed to lose a lb! Go Sherry!

Just so all of you know, I was being facetious about coming up with excuses. We all make them. Whether something didn't go our way and we had a VALID reason to eat badly, skip working out, or whatnot, OR we look for something, anything, to justify making bad decisions or not losing weight, we ALL have excuses. I think that people "make excuses" in order to make themselves feel better. I know I do. When I skip a workout it seems so much "better" to let you know that I was sick or the baby was fussing or whatever. It's like you would approve of it since I had a good reason versus just not wanting to work out. It seems so much more dignified than saying "Hey, piss on it, I didn't want to work out." I've noticed in the blog world and on message boards that people always try to justify why they weren't able to lose weight or why they ate a cheesecake the day before. I don't know if they're trying to make themselves feel better or if they're looking for approval from others. I think everyone wants to be liked and everyone wants others to approve of their decisions in some way shape or form. Do we really need to come up with 20 reasons why we didn't lose weight last week? The fact is, that regardless of having 20 reasons or having none, it didn't happen. Okay. Press on. So you ate a chocolate cake because you're dog died? Is the fact that your dog died going to change the fact that you ate a whole cake? Are we going to feel sympathy for you and tell you it's okay that you did it because you had a reason? Or are you telling us this because having a reasons makes YOU feel better? That was a rhetorical question. No need to answer! I ponder things like this all the time. To be honest, it really doesn't matter!

My head is killing me. I think my nose is going to blow up. I took some sinus medicine but it's not doing anything. I am too lazy to hop in the car and spend 20 minutes driving to the store for some different medicine. I will just suck it up. After this I have an upper body workout to complete. I could use the fact that I am sick as an excuse to skip it. But you know what, regardless of working out or not, my head is still going to feel like it's going to explode. Will lifting weights make it worse? I don't know. I hope not. If I were running to the bathroom every 5 mins with my head over the toilet, I could understand not working out. But in my current situation, I don't think I am going to feel any worse. My head feels like it's in a vice grip anyway.

I have some pics to post of some meals I made. I am going back in the kitchen in a bit to cook some more, so I will take pics then and post them all at once. I cooked Chicken, Asparagus, and Red Potatoes and Havana Salad. Today I will be cooking Turkey Breast and Mushroom Stew and Black Eyed Pea Salad. I MAY make a Adobe Rubbed Pork Tenderloin. Scratch that. My tomatoes were looking bad so I trashed them and I need them for the Pico de Gallo. I guess I will make that Tuesday.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday. And I hope you set your clocks. Had my MIL not mentioned it to Clint, I wouldn't have known. Typically they remind us at work to change the clocks. Or I see something in the news about it. But I haven't. I had to go online to verify because I didn't believe her since I hadn't heard anything. I told me husband "The time changes on March 9. She's wrong." He had to inform me that it IS March 9. Geeze time flies!

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