Monday, March 3, 2008

Question for Katie, Laurie, and whoever else can help!

I don't have the time or patience right now to read BFL cover to cover. I read it a few years ago, but since then I have read about 20 other fitness related books. I am certain the answer is in there and will eventually look it up if no one knows the answer, but I would prefer to ask the "experts!"

Can I do other things--like Pilates and Yoga, in addition to the prescribed cardio and upper/lower body workouts? Some schools of thought think more workouts in addition to what is suggested will only harm your progress while others think the more you do the better. Ex: There's a 6 week plan with my bowflex and the creator swears that this is ALL you need to do and if you do anything other than this, it will ruin your results.

Here's the deal. I want to try BFL for 12 weeks. I need to find something and stick to it. I don't want to sign up for WW, or do Atkins, or anything rigid. I want a program that isn't too different from what I am doing, isn't very radical, and incorporates both eating and working out. As of right now, I think BFL suits me best. I am very anti "following a set plan" but right now I feel like I need some structure and guidance. Basically, I don't want to count points (WW) or eat a certain number of blocks (The Zone) or eat meals delivered to me (NutriSystem) or eat meat 24/7 (Atkins). And to be honest, I am not a fan of looking at my watch saying "Oh, it's time to eat." I would prefer to eat when and only when I am hungry. But, right now, I will be flexible as I really want to set a goal and achieve it. And like I said, BFL seems right.

Here's my holdup: I want to be able to continue doing Yoga and/or Pilates a few days a week. And if I want to throw in my Tae Bo Amped DVD, I can without it sabotaging my progress. Can I do this in addition to the routine set out in the BFL book? Or do I have to stick to those guidelines and do nothing more?

You guys rock. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me on this matter!


Kelly O said...

I am certainly not the one to ask for on this because when I tried BFL years back, I ran into all kinds of "BFL psychos" as I call them that made me really paranoid about the issues you bring up.....die hard BFL folks (I think) that really kicked butt, stuck to the BFL plan ONLY; meaning no extra cardio or only the HIIT version etc. Perhaps things have changed but for me, I was not a member of a gym and my main cardio was Taebo so I had no real way (IMHO) to do HIIT....realistically...I did get some muscle doing it but did not lean out; however I do know in retrospect that it was my fault totally; my snacks were extra - and I had portions that were too big....I hope you find someone that can help. actually I'd ask skwigg if you can. Email her, she always responds.

Laurie said...

Good plan to reread BFL I need to do that myself. I've more or less been doing BFL for 3 years now and I first did it a few years before my daughter as well and it's the most realistic, effective thing I've found.

I also believe, however, that any program will work if you A - by into it's theory and B - are dedicated. Your results will vary regardless of the program depending on how dedicated you are, obviously, my dedication comes and goes.

Pilates. I love, love, love Pilates I try to take a class every Sunday and I think it enhances all of my other workouts. I think it helps me with my form, it helps me visual the muscles that I'm working, it definitely makes me taller (stand up straighter) and it builds my core to help give me those 6 pack abs.

I think something like Pilates or Yoga can definitely be used with BFL's prescribed program - as long as it's not done to often. Your muscles need time to recover and as I'm sure you've read in your 20 some fitness books that when muscle repairs is when it actually grows.

Lastly, I've said that I've done BFL, or more less for a long time. The diet doesn't ever really change for me, but I have over the years changed up the workouts to try new things and fight boredom.

I think you have the energy and want to do something else phsyical - more power to you!

Hope this helps!