Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm a boring person

In reality I am NOT the least bit boring. I am a chick of all trades and trust me, each day brings something new. But this week I am just BLAH. I hate to dwell on the time change making me feel bad, but the fact is, I feel bad. I am tired, sleepy, fatigued, etc. No, I do not have an illness. I think I may be allergic to the Ferret but so long as I am not near the cage, I don't sneeze. Other than that, I am fine. Okay, I lied. I am not near the cage and I sneezed. Perhaps my allergies are bothering me. I was sneezing prior to getting Sly. But I don't think that is attributing to my wanting to sleep 24/7. I'm not going to spend this blog whining about being tired. I think my last two posts went over that.

With that said, I don't have much to talk about. I sit at work pondering things and thinking about "rants" but by the time I get around to posting, the thoughts have left my mind. I want to apologize to all of you for having such boring posts these last few days. I don't think I will snap out of the haze in a few days--it's more likely to take weeks to months, however, I promise I will have something more noteworthy to write about.

I do have some puppy news. The puppy is mine! My persistence paid off and they gave me Tootsie! (The Weenie Dog, not the Chihuahua). I went up at lunch again and talked to the lady--explaining that I wasn't a dog stalker. A friend had told me that she's believes one should visit a pet shop/animal shelter, or wherever several times to get to know the animal before you bring it home in order to assure it's right for you. The lady said this was the first time she got time to sit down to start checking references. Anyway, she took me back to see Tootsie and I think she saw how much I loved this puppy. I tried to pet the Chihuahua but he's nuttier than a fruitcake. It was quite obvious that Tootsie and I had a bond. I did ask her how long they try to contact references before they gave up and she said there's no set limit, it's kind of a personal decision, but they give it about a week. Around 2:00pm, I got the call that she was mine! I was so excited. I asked my boss if they had called him to check me out and he said NO! I really think this woman made a personal decision to let me have the puppy. I had been up there several times this week to see her. I doubt the other people ever came back. I hope she knows that we will offer her a great home. Anyway, at 3:30 I had a missed call. It was them. I thought they were going to tell me they made a mistake and called the wrong people. Nope. They just wanted to tell me I couldn't get her until the 17th because they had a 10 day quarantine period and it wouldn't be over until Monday. I'm pretty excited about this! My husband won't be. If he reads my blog I guess he'll know. But Tootsie is a surprise for him and the girls! BTW, her name will NOT be Tootsie after I get her. My SIL had a pet named Tootsie. I am leaning towards Lexie, but I really want to get to know her before I commit. She's only 8 weeks old, she's only had the name Tootsie since last Friday, so it's not like she knows it.

Moving on to me. I wanted a burger from Whatburger SOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly today. I wanted one yesterday too. But both days I refrained. I fought the urge and didn't cave in. GO me!

Tomorrow is my upper body workout. I am pretty excited about that. I LOVE working my arms, especially my biceps. I can look at my arms and see a difference. I'm going to have some pretty big guns when this is over. I don't really want big arms. I want detailed arms, but not "big" arms. But I think my physique is made that way. I've learned to embrace the body I have. I can do things to improve it, but I can't change my genes. My tummy is my trouble spot and I will have a tummy tuck one day to correct that. But it's not like I'm going to have them cut out some of the muscle in my arm because I think it's an inch too big. That's silly. I do have nice legs btw. My upper inner thigh has some fat on it, but besides that, overall, they're pretty good! Of course there's always room for improvement. I guess we have to have a trade off somewhere...I got nice legs, bad tummy. I could have a nice flat stomach and big old ugly, flabby, thunder thighs. I'm really not sure what's worse. Hmmmmmm......

Well, that's it for my boring life. Mackenzie's doctor wants her to use an inhaler. Yeah, she's 15 months. That's NOT going to happen. Trust me, I know. I tried 6 different times tonight. The dr. tried to give me a prescription for a medium mask but I told her I had one. Nope. I have a small. So I am going to get the medium to see if that works better. I doubt it will. Regardless of the mask size, she's still going to fight me. At least with a bigger mask her nose/mouth will be covered when she's fighting. The small one doesn't cover either when she's fighting me. Why am I telling you this? I'm not sure. Oh! I am going to hit the inhaler myself then go to bed! Good night everyone.

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Tiffany said...

Yay! Weenie dogs are so funny. Our Emmie is now 7 and poor thing gets beat up by fatass Tink. She's the queen of the sofa cuz Tink's not allowed up there so Emmie thinks she rules. LOL I wanna see pics of the pup when you get her. And a ferret??? WTF???