Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quick Post

Geeze I'm exhausted. Last night I spent 3 hrs in the car getting my step daughter then today I was in it for about 9 getting my daughters. What a great way to start off spring break. A friend called and wants to come over. Um, okay. Fine by me. My husband went out to clean his shop, while my house looks like crap. I am going to try to pick things up although they should be over in a bit. What I really need is a vacation. No kids. No friends. No one. Okay. Well, maybe a close friend and *maybe* my husband. But I want to relax not go-go-go for a change.

I'm going to head in to the kitchen in a moment to make Adobe Rubbed Pork Tenderloin and Pico. Yum. I'll post pics. I still need to post the pics from the meals I made last week.

I had an epiphany a few moments ago. I was looking at various blogs and I came across one a few days ago then saw it again today and thought "I want her arms." Do any of you find yourself looking at others wanting this body part or that? After admiring her arms, I thought, " I may want her arms, but I bet my arms are going to look like HERS." The later had nice arms too, but hers were bigger. I want smaller, cut arms. Then I made another observation: You know, A is a smaller person than B. I don't mean smaller weight wise, I mean that A has a more petite build. Since I am on the petite size, perhaps I could have A's arms. Then this is what hit me: It's really up to our genes. I may have arms that looks like A's, B's, or C's. And you know what, that would be okay. Why? Because God gave me my build. I need to embrace what I have. If I have those smaller cut arms, GREAT. If I have bigger biceps, Woo-Hoo. It really doesn't matter. I have the body I have. I will get the definition that I am meant to have. This is a VERY helpful thing to realize. Why you ask? Because I won't be discouraged in 6 months when I don't have A's arms. I won't be discouraged in 6 years when I STILL don't have A's arms. Have you ever found yourself working and working and working and working and wondering "Why the heck can't I look like HER? I've been working my bum off and I still can't get those abs (or arms, or legs, or whatever.)" Well don't get discouraged. You may not look like that. You may not have that physique. But you do your best and you love YOUR body!

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Laurie said...

Like they say, "Be the best that you can be."