Sunday, March 9, 2008

UBWO Complete!

I stepped up to my 10lb weights today and geeze was it hard to get tot he last few. By the 7th rep I wanted to put the weight down. But I kept going and had a GREAT workout. I really think I need 8lb weights but I won't be able to buy any until next weekend at the soonest. (Our Wal-Mart doesn't have any). Regardless, I need to use heavier weights than the 5lb weights.

I feel like CRAP. I took 2 sinus caplets and after I finished my last blog I thought I was going to pass out. I tried to take a nap but that didn't work. I don't know if it's the sinus medicine or that coupled with the coffee I had earlier, but it feels like my heart is going to pop out of my chest. I took Metabolife and Hydroxycut back in the day and THIS is why I stopped. I HATE this feeling. The only difference between this and the diet pills is that with the diet pills I have a "warm" feeling--like hot flashes. With this, I feel fine, minus the jumpiness and jitteryness. I don't like this feeling whatsoever. I wish it would wear off. I've been like this for about 3 hours now. Something's gotta give!

I'll get my food photos up soon. I haven't cooked yet, but I will!


April said...

Yep diet pills are so not worth. Funny when I used them religiosly I was fatter. Now I don't and i'm healthier looking?? They don't work and we don't need them!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sherry! Found you through April's blog. Hope that feeling wore off sooner than later. I hate that jittery feeling too. I think the Sinus medication has caffeine in it so coupled with a cup of coffee, that'll do it! I'm not sensitive to caffeine so I drink lots of it. Whether it be green tea with Green Tea Extract or cups of coffee, it doesn't affect me much. Hope you're feeling much better now.

Oh, and I wanted to say CONGRATS in moving up in weight!! Doesn't progress feel awesome?