Friday, March 28, 2008

Yippee! Hooray!

I did it again today. I have consumed 63 ounces....23 of them water...yes! WATER. And 40 G2. I'm at home, there's no G2 here, so I will be drinking water for the remainder of the evening. And yes, I will be drinking water because I am thirsty. I find that the more I drink, the more thirsty I get. Hmmmmmmmmmmm......

(I also had about 20 ounces of coffee...that's made with water. Does that count?)

There was an auction at the CDC (daycare). I paid $12 and won 1 month Level 1 or 2 tanning at a tanning place in town. What does that mean? Well, the level one is $50 per month and the level 2 is $60. So yeah, I got a deal. There were some other things in the package too--an ugly gold purse that has about a $20 value, an Ann Klein Wallet (no idea what the value is) an yummy chocolate chip candle (about $10) and a gold Angel figurine (ugly). Let's just say that I got a bargain. I'm going to be tan this summer. My friend gave me the unlimited tanning package that I am currently using (1 month) and now the Tanfastic 1 month package. I'm in heaven!

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