Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lazy day!

Boy I am dragging today. This, of course, is nothing new. I'm actually feeling quite vibrant right now, but it's already 2pm and most of my day is wasted. I plan on spending the rest on catching up on laundry and cleaning up the house. How can 3 people make this mess?

I spent part of the morning reading blogs. I tell you, some people are so inspiring. It's not so much their words or the message that they're trying to get across---it's their life, their battles, what they've overcome. I look at my life some days and think "woe is me, I need to get in shape now, now, now. OMG, I'm almost 29, if I don't get the body I want right now, I will be doomed. The older I get the worse it will be." This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. No, I don't want to walk around the next 5 years the way I am. But I have been reading blogs...I've been reading about women getting ready for comps, losing weight and getting in shape for their health, or getting fit just because. And guess what. They're older than I am. And I think WOW, these women are BAD ASS. They're in their 30's and 40's and they are smoking hot. This can be done at any age. Again, I'm not going to sit around 5 years, but it just shows me that I don't have to live life in a hurry, this doesn't have to be done NOW. You can get hot when you're older. I don't know if this came out right or makes sense to anyone. But it has clicked in my head. And I think these women are fabulous.

I will leave you all with someone that inspires me. For the longest time I have said that I want to look like her when I am in my 40's. My ex MIL, whom I adore, laughed it off because she was an old 40+ person..Do you know those types. They dress and seem much older. This was her. I don't want to be like her. I want to be like the woman below. I don't want her EXACT physique. I just want to look as great as she does when I am her age.


I guess you will have to stay tuned for this mystery woman. Sorry. But check back!


Here she is!

I love her arms. LOVE 'em.

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Kelly O said...

Sherry, I swear I had not read your post today until I had posted on my blog.....we are so psychic-ly is scary. I heart Madonna's bod, except the pics I've seen of her really recently...its like she's not eating enough or something. The pics on your blog are the ones where she looks killer - but go see mine. This is sooo funny that we are always thinking the same things!!!