Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let's think about this one for a minute...

I don't even know how to start this post. Seriously....

I am 28 years old. I am 5'2-5'3 and weight about 128 lbs. I gained weight in basic training (14 lbs)because that was the first time I actually sat down and ate 3 meals a day, but I lost that about 3 months later. I gained weight because I was pregnant. I lost that then gained weight again because I was pregnant. I lose that then gained weight for the hell of it. Then I lost it and gained weight again...because I was pregnant. Can you believe that someone had the nerve to tell me this:

Sounds like you did a lot of yo-yo'ing up and down the scale.

Yeah, I did have a lot of yo-yoing up and down on the scale. But that was because I WAS PREGNANT. If you took that factor out, I've only gained weight twice. And shit, I probably would've only gained weight once if I didn't have kids.

I guess this rant is about people that are WAY out of shape and have NO RIGHT giving out weight loss advice, but do so anyway. I haven't really been trying to lose weight this past year. So that's why I am only about 10 lbs less than I was a year ago. But you have person X that has been working her ass off for I don't know how long and has hit a plateau and can't get off. SHE has the nerve to tell people what to do. Clearly you aren't doing it right or else you wouldn't be stuck for so long while working your ass off. Then there's person Y that weights about 2X as much as you that tries to give you weight loss tips. Um, when you are a success story and you get down to my weight, THEN you can lecture me. But in the meantime, DON'T go there.

I just love it when people think they're experts at something that they clearly AREN'T. I love, love, love those people that know everything about working out, dieting, exercising when they have no credentials to work it off. Do I consider myself an expert in a field? But hey, I know more than these people. Why? I do research. And I have results to show for it.

I hate people. I really, really do. And Kelly, if you're reading this, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.


Tiffany from Louisiana said...

HAHA. I'm fat so I don't give you advice. LOL. I also hate know-it-alls. Shit on them. Keep up the good work and you'll definately make the 5k you were talking about.

Laura McIntyre said...

Yeah knows it alls are horrible, you sound like your doing great with everything