Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Random thoughts

#1-I think it's pretty pathetic when you have to reminds others it's your birthday. Are you just that desperate for attention? It's obvious that no one cares, but clearly if you're reminding people, you want some attention. WHY??? They don't care. I see posts on myspace all the time "Hey, it's my birthday." Who cares? If you're THAT important, we will have already known that.

#2-I hate it when people post things on myspace that says "Go look at my new picture. Leave me a comment." Why do you need comments? Again, are you THAT in need of attention that you have to command others to give it to you? And once again, if people aren't leaving you comments on their own accord, they probably don't give a shit.

#3-I am a member of about 12 yahoo groups, so trying to guess which group I talk about is near impossible. If you're from one of the groups and you're reading this, you're probably not part of the group or groups in question. Have you ever been part of a group where you can say things and people hardly ever respond. Yet so and so can make a post and it's like they have a fan club? I'm not even sure that's the way to put it. That way sounds like person B is more popular than person A. That's not the case. Let me try again. If you notice, some people will comment to certain people and certain people only. But for others, it's like they don't know they exist. I can understand having preferences in a group, but for fuck's sake, this isn't high school. The clique days are over. It's a message board. It's meant for open discussion. If the conversation is going to be dominated by, say, like 5 people, and they won't say shit to anyone else, why have that group? Form your own "Fab 5" group. Let's see, I can be part of a weight loss group (not the group I am talking about, just giving the best anaolgy I possibly can to get the point across) and post that I lost 50 lbs in one month, I am doing great, I found a magic super pill that gave me the best body ever, and I will get NO response. If I am lucky, I will get a "that's great." Then so and so can post that she took a shit and lost .02lbs and she gets 10 responses "Oh that's so great, what's your trick" "Way to go, I knew you could do it" "You're so close to your goal, keep up the good work" Clearly my story is more interesting, but I don't think it's about the content, I think it's about the author. And no, it's not that they don't like ME. This happens to alot of other members.

#4-Speaking of groups, have you ever joined or have been invited to a group and it's like you have NOTHING in common with these people? I am in a group with some women that have fertility issues. Some of on there don't. There's about 10 members and I would say 6 do, 4 don't. Someone can post a boo-hoo I can't have a baby (which IS sad) and everyone is all over it. But if you post about your baby, NO ONE has anything to say. I do not have fertility problems. I'm sorry I don't. I can't talk to you about that because I don't have those issues. What I can do is talk to you about the obstacles I overcome and tell you about my baby. but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it's like they don't want to hear about the kid. And that's understandable. But in that forum, I have NOTHING else to talk about. NOTHING. It's not a TTC group either. It's a group of women that met from an out of control TTC group. When I was invited, I was very pregnant, and they knew this. As was a few other members. If you hate pregnant people. If you don't want to hear about kids, DON'T INVITE THOSE MEMBERS.

#5-A woman has fertility issues, then gets pregnant. Then she doesn't use birth control and ends up pregnant again. They she's all surprised and says "Well, I thought I had issues and couldn't get preggo." Hello, you have children. Clearly you CAN get preggo. I know that some people have severe issues and need IVF and stuff and have a 0 chance of getting pregnant on their own. But for those that do have a chance of it happening, why would you take that chance? A few years back my friend Gia had a 2 year old and called to tell me she was pregnant and was a little pissed. I asked "Gia, you 're poor, bc is free, why didn't you use it?" Her response: I didn't think I could have kids!!! WTF?? YOU GAVE BIRTH TO A CHILD 2 YEARS AGO. It took her over a year to conceive, but she wasn't on any meds. What does she mean she didn't think she could have kids? Yes, she had a hard time getting pregnant before, but does that mean that you will NEVER get pregnant? And for all you know, whatever condition you had before may have cured itself. I mean, if you're not trying to have a baby, why would you take tests to tell you if you're ovulating or if your man's sperm is good?

Okay, enough with my rants. Occasionally random thoughts will pop in my head. I told you these blogs were about weightloss and all the bumps in between. This is a bump.


Kelly O said...

Sherry, too funny, how odd is it that I just posted a similar rant on my blog tonight, what annoys me.
Happy New Year!

Tiffany said...

I sure hated all you pregnant women when I couldn't get pregnant. So what did I do? I didn't hang out with freakin pregnant women. LOL. I agree with you on the group crap. People are still immature even after high school. I love ya even though you are a fertile myrtle and I can't get pregnant. How could someone not love seeing pics of baby Mac?

Laura McIntyre said...

I love ya girl, your rants are great. I completly agree with just about everything you said, although the yahoo group thing i don't have alot of time to reply to messages so when i do try to make it somebody that replies alot to others , does that make sense?

The pregnancy thing is just silly, i was shocked when i got pregnant with Eilidh but that was our own stupidity (really thought would't get pregnant while breastfeeding)

Sherry/Shay said...


Let me see if I can explain my yahoo group dilema a little better. Let's use the November group as an example. You could post about your baby and I can post about my baby but we get very few responses. Then Tiffany can post about her baby and Jess B, Natasha, Cathy, Tracey, and Julie are ALL OVER it. Then the next day you can post something, I can post something and Juile can post something. You can I will get no responses but Julie get a ton of them from those same people, to include Tiffany It's like they have their own circle and they only correspond with each other.

**This is just an example. I just pulled names off the top of my head.

Does this make more sense?