Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh please someone shoot me

Well, in case you all haven't figured out, Kelly O is my hero. I'm not obsessed with her or anything. It's just that she kicks major ass to the core. We've been talking diet/exercise for years. Even when I wasn't dieting/exercising because I was lazy or pregnant, she was still going strong. Now we don't do everything the same, I don't always do what she does. One area we differ in is the scale issue. She hates to weigh herself. I am addicted to it. But I will write her and tell her how the scale is the devil. What do I get in return? "That's why I don't weigh myself."

I wanted to follow in K.O.'s footsteps and NOT weigh myself. Okay, yeah right, that's won't happen. However, I need to know that my working out is working. So, I measured myself today. My plan is to go back in a few weeks to see if I am making progress. Well, holy geeze, gimme a gun. I am a beached whale. I am a fat cow. I feel HUGE. The scale never F***KS with me this bad. Even when I see a 6 lbs gain, I shrug it off because I know it's impossible. But this is ridiculous. I want to die here. I want to scream. Those #'s are higher than I imagined.

Please, Please, Please someone shoot me and put me out of my misery. If I were an emotional eater, I would've eaten 3 containers of Ben and Jerry's.


~Cathy~ said...

Just wait.... in a couple weeks when you re-measure, you'll see just how much your hard work is paying off.

Kelly O said...

Sherry, all you did was give yourself a starting point. Now you visualize yourself writing down your new numbers in two weeks and how proud you will feel of your accomplishment!!!

Laura McIntyre said...

I always tell myself that weight means little but cannot stop myself doing it daily.
Sure you will lose plenty soon