Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now then...

I am not going to rewrite what I wrote last night. I have a German lesson in a minute. But here's the gist of it. Yesterday I walked for 30 mins on the treadmill then did 30 mins of YBB Yoga Core. I ws going to do some Tae Bo but my head started hurting pretty badly during the YBB workout. It wasn't like a headache, it was like I had having an aneurysm. It reminded me a lot of when my epidural was leaking and I would get up and my head would hurt. Anyway, I consumed around 1300 calories yesterday.

Here's my menu so far for today:
Southbeach Cranberry Chicken Salad (290)
Southbeach Southwest Chicken Wrap (240)
Andes mints (100)
Crackers (80)
Turkey Meatloaf (200)
Soup (50)
Broccoli and Cheese (65)

So far I'm at 1025. I will be having coffee I'm sure (100) and then something else for dinner after I workout. Probaly no more than 200 calories. I'm thinking Veggie Burger.

Tonight I will get in Tae Bo and YBB. I most likely won't be working out tomorrow. I have to go to Texas to get #1 and #2 and won't be home until around 9pm or so. With that said, I most likely won't be up to it. I know I won't be going to the gym because I will be leaving at noon to go get them. So I need to do extra today and even more this weekend!

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Kelly O said...

Hey Girlfriend! I did my Taebo Jumpstart Cardio last night. I did not go to the gym for the usual class it was SO COLD. Anyway, I did my Muscle Max workout first so I was fatiguing easy and Billy was KICKING MY BUTT. I think I did 30 minutes and several times I had to put that blasted 3lb bar down. SOMEDAY I will get through the whole thing! And tonight on the treadmill, I was bloated and hurting and cramping and I made myself push through it; how awesome it felt to know I did it; I got up to 7mph on my 2 minute intervals!! We can do ANYTHING we set our minds to!!