Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I hate Billy Blanks

As you already know, my husband is working nights and regardless of that fact, I can not go to sleep without him. I don't know if I truly can't sleep without HIM there or if I know that when he gets in bed it will wake me so I fight my sleep. I try to take a nap on the couch, but I end up waking up every so often to check the time. When he came in at midnight last night he was on the computer for a while then he got in the shower and took forever in there. Then he comes to bed and tries to get naughty but I tell him no. So, I know I am asleep, but it doesn't feel like it. It seems like I haven't slept at all. What does this fool do? He wakes me up at like 2 am trying to do the naughty. What part of NO an hour before didn't he understand? Was I going to change my mind an hour later when he WOKE me? No. I eventually do get to sleep then I am greeted with the alarm at 6am. Needless to say I am tired. So what does this have to do with Billy Blanks?

Well today is day 3 for Tae Bo. I tried to take a nap on the couch but my daughter didn't want that. So as she drank her juice and ate some Cheerios, I decided to force myself to work out. I am VERY thankful that tonight was only a 30 minute workout. I dragged the whole time. I commented before that I was only able to complete 3/4 of the exercises but I gave it my all. Well not tonight. I was like screw it, I am NOT doing that. I did something else instead, but trust me, that something else was me barely moving.

I am just so exhausted. On top of that, my body is sore. I know that we need to press on and workout when our bodies are sore. I don't think that was my holdup, however, I wanted to whine about it.

I had my day mapped out but it isn't happening. I will work on the house some, but my main plan for the evening is to get baby to bed, make dinner, take a bath, and go to sleep. That's it. I feel like I could sleep for days. I think I will have some coffee.

Food for today:
Coffee: (100)
Turkey Sandwich (300)
LQ Potstickers (290)
Broccoli and Cheese (60)
2 hamburger patties (200)
Broccoli and Cauliflower (50)
Rice (220)

Total 1220

I will probably have some Brussels Sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower, and a small piece of salmon. Well, if I get hungry. I am going to make some coffee and that will curb my appetite some. I am hoping to finish out around 1500 calories. Normally I would freak out about this, however, I am working out quite a bit. Tomorrow is an off day for Tae Bo, so I will go hit the gym to use the treadmill and do some YBB. I think the extra calories are needed.

Last thing,

Is it possible to see a change in my arms already?


~Cathy~ said...

I have skipped the treadmill for the last two days since taking my Pilates class. I'm too sore to push through it. I can't wait till my body gets used to the pilates and it doesn't hurt quite as much.

Tiffany said...

Don't you hate it when your hubby wakes you to have sex. HAHA I am such a grouch when I get woke up so wouldn't you think waking me up is not a good idea? LOL If I'm pissed off I'm definately NOT gonna do anything with you.

Kelly O said...

I believe you can see changes yes. As critical as you and I are about our bods, if you see something good, that means it is probably BETTER!! Seriously. You Work It Girl. Each day you vow to do something better than the day before. You already are.
Keep it up!