Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Missing that mommy gene

My mother sent #3 a Talking Parrot for Christmas. This morning #2 was jacking with the remote and temporarily broke it. I took 6 of her toys away for messing with stuff that wasn't hers. I ultimately gave them back, but the lesson to be learned is that she doesn't need to jack with things that weren't hers, and if she did, she will lose her stuff. Well, #2 brings me the parrot a few hours later. He's no long perched on his "tree branch" and I proceed to scream at her, when I find out it was #1--the good kid-- that did it. This bird had twisty ties that were holding it on. It's not necessary to have the twist ties on but it's added reinforcement. If the baby knocks him over, I don't have to worry about him getting broke. When he dances he nearly falls over as it. I tell the kid to find them, but her head is up her ass and she can't find them. So, in a pissed off rage, I told her to clean her room and put everyone of her toys in the hallway. They're now MINE. What the hell makes this child tick? Why is okay for HER to do something but it's not okay for #2?? She knows better. I am uber pissed because I have some form of OCD and I will never be able to get the twisty ties on like they should be. So every time I see this bird fall over I am going to go into a rage again.

Why can't these kids listen? Why can't they leave things along that isn't theirs. I catch #2 in there playing with baby toys. Do you know how many times we tell her to leave them alone??? It's not that they don't get it, it's just that they don't give a shit and don't feel they need to listen. This pisses me off. It's not the fact that they fucked with the bird (well, maybe a little), it's the fact that these kids have no regards for others property. None. When #1 was about 3 or 4, she brought me a toy. It needed batteries, but she thought it was broken. She handed it to me and said "Mommy, it's broke. That's okay, I'll just have Nanna buy me a new one." WTF? Are my kids really gonna be that way? They're not going to give a shit about others, only think of themselves, and think that the world is going to be handed to them in a golden platter??? I look at the big picture. It's not that they jacked with the bird. It's the fact that they were told NOT to, but they do their own thing anyway. The world isn't like that. Is it okay to go in a store and steal?? They know it's wrong but fuck it, they want it? Is it okay to treat people like shit because they feel like it?

What's the problem with kids these days???? Go ahead, tell me that their just kids, and kids don't always listen, give them a break. Bullshit. What they learn as kids is what makes them adults. There are already too many assholes in this world, we can do without 2 more.

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