Saturday, January 19, 2008

Would you like some cheese with that WHINE?

I feel so whiny today. I want some sleep. I want a clean house. I want to work out. Whine, whine, whine.

I am a fan of Kelly O's and Mrs. Furious' blog. If you have never read either, look at their pages--it can be found to the right.

Kelly was blogging about how we whine about things that are COMPLETELY under our control. We don't whine about the sky being blue. Instead, we whine about things we can change--don't like your job, get a new one. Don't like your bf/gf or spouse, get a new one.

Mrs. F posted a blog about how her house was a mess but she really had better things to do than to clean it. She could clean, but instead chose to spend her time with her children, doing something more meaningful.

So I sit here today whining to Kelly about how my house was a mess and I have no help from my husband and I only have like 6 free hours a day which entail cooking, trying to clean, taking care of the baby, working out, eating, checking e-mail and blogs, and taking a bath. I can't leave the baby alone in the living room because of our entry way. There's a step and tile everywhere and if she fell we would be heading to the ER. A baby gat that large is expensive. I am sure some of you are thinking "Gosh, you childs health is more important than the cost of the gate." Even if I did buy one, I couldn't use it because the only place for it to connect to is made of rigid stone so it wouldn't work. Anyway, I can't keep her in her high chair for hours. I am able to workout ebcause she's in her highchair eating and laughing at me. But after an hour she's ready to get down. Why not clean when she's in bed? Because most of my chores are on that end of the house and I don't want to wake her. Oh yeah. Did I mention that I get about 6 hours of sleep at night. He has 3 FREE hours a day, with no one around and he chooses to lay on the couch for those 3 hours. I think I told Kelly he was getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Actually, he goes to be anywhere from 2am to 4am. So he's getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Then he spends the other 3 laying around. Does anyone else see the disparity here? I had no problems taking care of things alone when he was working both day and night, but that's not the case now. So, according to Kelly--I have a choice to change this--I can get off my ass and clean or live with the mess. So, after hearing what Mrs. F has to say, I have decided that I DON'T want to spend the two hours of me time cleaning. I use 1 hour for working out and the other for checking e-mails/blogs, studying German, etc. When others decide to help me so I don't have so much to do on my own, THEN I will make time to clean. Until then, I am going to work out. God knows watching what I eat isn't working.

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Kelly O said...

You are a super woman and you know it! Just listening to what you have to handle on a daily basis makes me call my massage therapist!
Love ya!