Saturday, January 5, 2008

Last rant...for today..hehehehe

My SIL weighed about 94 lbs when she got married to my brother. Her dad is around 6'0 and is a regular sized man, and her mother is probably 4'9 and about 90 lbs. My SIL is about 4'10 or 4'11. Her brothers are of short stature and are both relatively thin. She had my nephew Corey, then before he's 1, she gets pregnant with Ashley. After having Ashley, she isn't fat. She's about 120 lbs. Then she BLOWS up. She was pregnant with baby #3 but lost it, then got pregnant with #4. she was sharing the story of how her bc failed and she didn't find out she was pregnant until she was 7 months pregnant (it's BS I assure you, but humor me). She was so proud to say "When I went to my annual exam in Jan, I was 187 lbs, when I went back in July, at 7 months preggo, I was still 187 lbs. I hadn't gained any weight." (On a side note, when she went in for her annual exam, she was already pregnant. Can you honestly say that dr. couldn't tell?????? She would've been a little over 4 weeks. Her uterus would've been enlarged). You're PROUD of that? You're almost 100 lbs heavier than you were when you got pregnant with Corey. Granted, it was like 11 years earlier. But that story will follow. Prior to this, people would mistake her as being pregnant. She let herself get THAT out of shape. When I found out I was pregnant with #1, she said "Your bikini days are over." No, YOUR bikini days are over. Just because I have kids doesn't mean it's a license to be fat. I was sharing with a co-worker my desire to get to 115 lbs. She said "you need to forget that, you're a mom now, you're high school days are over." Once again, NO, YOU'RE a MOM, and YOU are using that as an excuse to be fat." I was 115 just before getting pregnant with Mackenzie, and I was 27. I remember asking someone about so-and so's wife. Her weight came up and someone said "Oh, she just looks like a mom." Okay, I know that this woman was heavy. Is that what a mom is...a heavy person???

Yes, most people put on weight when they have a child. Yes, out bodies change..we get stretch marks, our hips spread, we get lose skin. Things do change. And as we get older, our metabolism slows down. But, you CAN LOSE WEIGHT after having a kid. I HATE, HATE, HATE people that say things like "I wouldn't be fat if I didn't have kids." YES YOU WOULD BECAUSE YOU JUST ATE 10 DONUTS. Sure, having those kids may have to led to a weight gain, but hello, you CAN lose it. I think it's sad that people accept being overweight and blame it on having kids. Pony up and admit that the kids didn't do it. You may have gained weight from being pregnant, but that had nothing to do with keeping it on. You're either comfortable with your body or you just don't give a shit enough to be thin. But having kids isn't the cause.

Okay, I am done...for least with the rants.


Kelly O said...

There are so many places I could point people to that use that excuse but try She's had 2 kids and has better six pack abs than anyone I've ever seen. It CAN be done.

~Cathy~ said...

I don't know that I ever use the kids as an excuse for being fat... but I do know that my kids are THE reason why I am making the decision to get off my a*& and get in shape. I want them to have a healthy mom as a role model. Not a mom who sits and eats an entire box of chocolate donut gems.

(which I have incidently never done. But I imagine I probably could... LOL)

Laura McIntyre said...

Is it ok to say i love the rants? I totally blame my kis for making me fat or at least increasing my appitite 100times during pregnancy.
Heck i know im to blame but its nice to blame someone.

I will never accept being overweight and will not feel good about myself till its all gone and TONED. I do stuggle losing weight while breastfeeding though