Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm on a roll!!!

My husband comes home very night around 8 for "lunch" so I try to work out before. I started my 41 minute Tae Bo workout just before 7 but I had several distractions, i.e. baby and dinner on the stove, so it took a little longer. Anyway, I am feeling really energized. I kind of wish he wasn't come home until 9 because I would get started on my Yoga Booty Ballet. I am afraid I will lose my steam if I just sit around. I guess now really isn't a good time to be on the floor doing leg exercises considering #3 is roaming around. She will try to climb on me. I guess it's getting put off. I just hope I can keep this up and I can get right back to it around 8:30!

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