Saturday, January 26, 2008

As promised

I guess now is a good time to write on the few things I mentioned in the last post.

#1-The marathon. I plan on running in the OKC Memorial Marathon on April 27. My boss, who is in his 50's--maybe late 40's, is running the full 26 miles. 5 of us decided to do the relay portion. At first I thought I would run the half marathon but when I realized how far it was, I changed my mind. 3+ miles may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me, it's a huge thing. I am so excited about this. If you would like to learn more about this marathon, take a peek at the page:

#2-I went to to set up a training schedule per the advice of several people. Looks like I will be running about 3 days a week. I have a 13 weeks training schedule. If I can't run 3 miles, somethings wrong with me.

#3-So I fell off the wagon. I don't think I've worked out since Monday. Once I measured myself, all bets were off. I have seriously been too frazzled to workout. It's not an excuse; I'm just telling you how it is. I had planned on getting to it tonight but it's rather late. Tomorrow is a new day. Heck, it's a new week! I'll get back on track. Promise.

#4-Next week IS a new beginning. I plan on tweaking my diet and starting my running plan. I will run during the day and do Tae Bo, Yoga, and Yoga Booty Ballet by night. I don't know how I won't be in great shape by the end of April. I have 13 weeks to look good. Can't run if I don't look good!

#5-I really need to clean this place. Clint told me that his friend was coming the first of February. When's that? Oh, next Friday. Not sure if Wes will get here by then, but it is the first of February. Tomorrow evening we're going to dinner at a friends house so that takes away part of my time. Then Clint wants to go ride his 4-wheeler tomorrow. I REFUSE to clean this place alone. I don't make the mess alone, I won't clean it alone. And as you know, he has more free time during the week than I do. Also, if he's gone tomorrow, that leave ME with the baby. That equals NO cleaning!

#6-I finally cleaned out my car--sort of. At least I threw out the trash. Most of it was junk mail. I just toss it in my car when I get it from the P.O. I started to vacuum it, but changed my mind about that. I thought I would do it later but NOPE...didn't happen. At least most if it is clean!

That's it. Not such an exciting post. Sorry.

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Laura McIntyre said...

I always think cleaning is a GREAT workout. Good luck with the marathon, i would't even attempt one mile at the moment