Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Slap me on the ass and call me crazy!

I think Kelly is my workout/dieting "soulmate." I wish I lived near her because I would workout with her everyday! She'd keep me on track. I love talking about fitness and "dieting" with anyone I encounter, but only Kelly seems to "get it." What I mean by that is that I can turn to her and say "Oh, I put on my size 5 jeans and I feel fat" and I don't feel like she wants to bitch slap me for it. I typically don't mention things like that to others because they shoot daggers from their eyes. I can tell Kelly about my progress and she seems genuinely interested. I can tell her my problems and she's there to offer encouragement and advice. Typically I am the one on the other end listening and offering the advice. Most of the people that try to give me "advice" are fat cows that tell me I am thin enough, I will never be the size I was in high school. I am a yo-yo dieter, etc. Screw that. Back to Kelly. She's there for me and I am there for her. So why am I telling you this? Because I really think she's the ONLY one that's going to understand what I am about to write.

I was using free weights for a few weeks, then I switched to Tae Bo Amped last week and did 3 workouts and I walked/ran on the treadmill 2X last week. I had a hectic weekend, but I am back on track today. I did a 41 minute Tae Bo workout PLUS a 25 minute Yoga Booty Ballet workout. I mentioned this last week but I will reaffirm this: I can see that my arms are slimming down. I am beginning to see definition. I had some before pics a few months ago but they must've got deleted. Every time I think about taking them, my husband isn't home. I can't figure out how to set the timer on my camera so I am out of luck. But I REALLY need to do this. I wish I could show all of you what I see. But, I am not sure you could tell. When I asked if it was possible to see this after a few workouts, Kelly told me it was absolutely possible--as much as she and I obsess over our bodies, we will notice any little change. I can see this. And I am REALLY excited!!!

Did you notice that I DID do the YBB tonight? I cut the last post short, popped it in, and got to it. Guess what, hubby didn't get home until after I finished. It's a good thing I got it over with because I have lost my steam. I still need to clean the train wreck inside my home, but I need to take a bath before I use up the hot water while running the washing machine or dishwasher. Once I get in the tub, it's all over.

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Kelly O said...

You had me at hello. And I feel the same about you sistah!